“Vedomosti” found out the details of the Russian version of the death of the Turkish military

The Russian version of events, which in Northern Syria killed three Turkish military over the airstrike of the Russian VKS, publishes its newspaper “Vedomosti”, citing a source close to the Ministry of defense of Russia.

The publication reports that on the morning of 9 February, the troops of the Pro-Turkish forces of the free Syrian army (FSA) attacked the left flank of the advancing East along the M4 in the area of the small settlement of El-hús Syrian “Tiger forces”, clicking the very highway of the M4. According to the Russian-Turkish agreements, this route is the line of demarcation between the Syrian government forces and Pro-Turkish forces of the SSA.

In the “Tiger force” was the Russian forward air controllers, emphasizes the newspaper’s source. In this regard, most likely, the Syrian government forces is not recognized visually as a Pro-Turkish attacking force, perhaps mistaking them for militants of the “Islamic state” terrorist organization is recognized in Russia is prohibited].

Then the Pro-Turkish forces have occupied al-HUS and continued shelling Syrian positions, the newspaper said. Syrian troops summoned the Russian planes. However, until they arrived to the battlefield, the situation has changed. So, another detachment of the FSA advanced in the direction of the outskirts of El-Baba, and marching behind the PAS detachment of the Turkish army entered El-hús, where he underwent an airstrike arrived by this time Russian aircraft.

The source added that in order to avoid similar incidents in the future, the Russian and the Turkish side agreed that Russian and Turkish advanced air controllers were coming in the area of El-Baba units.