Kadyrov told about the purpose of sending Chechens to Syria

The Chechens who went to Aleppo in the battalion of the military police of the Ministry of defense of Russia, before sending specific training that will help them “establish contact” with the people of Syria. This was stated by the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov on air of TV channel NTV.

Kadyrov explained that the tasks of the police in Syria included the preservation of peace on the liberated territories. “Tatars, Russians, Chechens — they protect the Muslims there. They do not give different movements to embroil the people among themselves, — said the head of Chechnya (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

“They have not only theory, but practice. They know how to identify, know how to find common language with people. On this basis they were selected on the basis of the work that was carried out”, — he added.

Earlier in January, Kadyrov confirmed that the Chechens serve in the battalion of the military police in Aleppo. Then the head of the region told about what’s taking place in Syria service Chechens met the Deputy of the state Duma Adam Delimkhanov and the mufti of Chechnya Salah Haji Mezhiev.