Trump made the signing of a new immigration Ordinance

The US President Donald trump said that, may signed a new immigration decree. Such a statement he made to journalists aboard the plane on the way to Florida, the Associated Press reports.

Trump said that his team “there are several options, including the signing of a new decree”. “We need to act quickly, for safety reasons. So it may be that we will do so,” said the President.

He said that the new decree is likely very little will change compared to the original version. Maybe he will be signed next Monday or Tuesday, trump added

In turn, the TV channel NBC, citing a senior source in the presidential administration said that the lawyers of the White house to rewrite immigration decree trump.

The work began a few days before the appeals court decision, said the interlocutor of the channel. According to him, the legal team trump continues to expect that eventually there are proven advantages of the current version of the Ordinance. They are also working on options, including continued litigation and a new presidential decree, which may appear “very soon”.