The USS Porter left the Black sea

The press service of the Sixth fleet of the U.S. Navy announced that the missile destroyer the destroyer Porter left the Black sea. This is stated in the message on the website of the fleet.

“Missile destroyer Porter (DDG 78) the Arley Burke left the Black sea on 11 February 2017, after the implementation of operations security, joint operations with allies and partners and participate in multinational exercises Sea Shield 2017”, — stated in the message.

On the second of February, the command reported that Porter entered the Black sea to “conduct operations for Maritime security and improving interoperability with allies and partners in the region.”

Also on the website of the operational US Navy said that during his stay in the Black sea, Porter will participate in the annual “international exercises”, which are held under the leadership of Romania.

As told then the commander of the destroyer Andria Slough, “Porter operates regularly in the Black sea over the last few years.” The ship, according to Slough, demonstrates “unwavering commitment” of the US “security and stability in the region.” “Our future operations are intended to help us to improve interoperability, exchange of information and experience, and the ability to work together towards peace and prosperity”, concluded the commander of the Porter.

Porter is not the first time makes swimming in the Black sea, the last time he came in in October 2016. According to the Montreux Convention, warships of non-black sea powers can be in Black sea more than 21 days.