Adviser to trump, said of the evidence of election fraud

Adviser of the us President Stephen Miller in an interview with ABC said that the presidential administration there is evidence of fraud in past elections in the country on 9 November.

“The white house has provided a huge amount of evidence about the deception of voters, [including] the fact that the vote of the people residing in more than one state,” he said.

According to Miller, the presidential elections voted already deceased people, and those who do not have U.S. citizenship. “It is a fact, and you will not deny that there are a huge number of people who are not citizens of the country whose votes were registered for the elections”, — said the adviser to trump.

He called the incident “a scandal” and said that the country needs to be “terrified” due to the fact that people vote who have no right to do that. In his opinion, they “negate” the rights of law-abiding citizens of this country.

The U.S. presidential election was held on 8 November. Donald trump announced about rigging the elections. According to him, the fraud was in three States: Virginia, new Hampshire and California. In them, according to the results of the popular vote, won the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Voters, according to trump, “seriously deceived.”

Later, the White house announced that no evidence of widespread fraud in the presidential election in the United States. According to the representative of the presidential administration Josh Ernest, the White house “had not received any evidence” to “substantiate” claims of election fraud.