Monitoring the public procurement system transferred to the Ministry of Finance

As reported in response to the request to “Kommersant”, the representative first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, the control work of a Unified information procurement system (UIS) decided to transfer the Ministry of Finance and the Federal Treasury.

The decision was made at a meeting with the supervising procurement reform Shuvalov, held on 9 February. First Deputy Prime Minister instructed to study the issue of transfer of powers, noting that the decision should focus operational and regulatory authority to control the system in the hands of one body. The purpose is to increase the control over the functioning of EIS and transparency of procurement.

According to the newspaper, the Ministry of economic development, the Ministry of Finance and other agencies argued about control over the procurement system. The MAYOR opposed the proposal of Open government to transfer the regulation of procurement, Ministry of Finance, proposing to expand his powers. Tug-of-powers real problems of the procurement industry will not solve, said publication of market participants.

The system was launched in January last year on the portal As he wrote earlier in February, “Kommersant”, ENI was not ready to be enacted in early 2017 change to the law on the contract system (44-FZ), which, in particular, provide for the strengthening of Treasury control over the procurement plans, the number of which has increased in connection with the transfer under 44-FZ procurement unitary enterprises working according to the law on procurement for state-owned companies 223-FZ.

The Federal Treasury, which is responsible for the operation of EIS, publicly apologized to customers for the massive cases of “impossibility” to place information about procurement. It also acknowledged “technical difficulties” when working with a new version of the subsystem procurement system “electronic budget”.

As noted by the newspaper, the problems associated with the congestion of the service interaction UIS external systems failures when placed in the UIS of the three-year procurement plans of the regions and annual schedules for customers. A source in the government of Moscow said that “the situation with ESI resulted in the collapse of a few months in public procurement at country level”. He drew attention to the lack of internal control over customers, their purchases, and the inability to verify the objectivity of price or compliance of documentation with established forms.