The Ukrainian company will participate in the joint project of Russia and China

Ukraine may participate in the joint project of Russia and China on the development of heavy helicopter AHL (Advanced Heavy Lifter), told “Kommersant” in the company “Motor Sich”.

The newspaper explained that the company works directly with China’s Avicopter, and the parties have already signed contracts to supply a new turboshaft engine AI-136ΠΆ. In “Helicopters of Russia” explained that “a decision on the engine for the customer, that is the Chinese side”.

We are talking about heavy helicopter AHL, a framework agreement on cooperation which was signed in mid-2015. China is engaged in development, testing, certification and serial production of the helicopter. Russia will transfer technology, create technical proposal and develop a separate system of the helicopter.

The helicopter will be developed only for the Chinese market, the newspaper notes. Manufacturing and design of AHL complicated the choice of engine. In may 2015 the former head of “Russian Helicopters” Alexander Mikheev reported that can be chosen by the Ukrainian engine D-136, transmit “RIA Novosti”.

At the same time, according to “Kommersant”, the United engine Corporation, which is included in “rostec”, allowing for the participation of Chinese companies in the production of Russian engine on the basis of the project PD-12V “in the case of interest of the partners”. We are currently consulting on this issue.

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has approved an intergovernmental agreement with China on the development of a heavy helicopter on Thursday, February 9. The holding company “Helicopters of Russia” “Kommersant” said that the negotiations are close to completion, according to their results, the parties sign the contract.

AHL will be able to lift 10-15 tons of cargo and reach speeds of up to 300 km/h flight Range is 630 km.