As the Russian media have interfered in the race in France

Claims to the media

The Russian media carried out against the Emmanuel Macron information attack, said in a broadcast on France 2, the General Secretary of the party Rules “Go!” Richard Ferrand, the evening of 13 February. He believes that the Kremlin favoured the candidate of the center-right, Francois Fillon and candidate of the nationalists of Marin Le Pen. Moderate Pro-European position of the Macron allegedly forced Moscow to make it a target of their propaganda, said Ferrand. “Macron wants a strong Europe, which has a weight in the face of Russia, while other candidates more friendly disposed towards the Russian regime, — said Ferrand. — We support a powerful Europe, that is, apparently, for what I don’t want a significant part of the Russian media.”

In his speech on 13 February Ferrand particularly stressed the position of the RT and the Agency Sputnik, the Russian state media. According to him, they “publish daily the flow of false news”, which then actively quoted spread, “burdening our democratic life.”

For the period 1 to 14 February in the French section of Sputnik came the 24 articles with the mention of Macron, the French site RT — 43 material. For comparison: on Le Pen Sputnik wrote 36 times, RT — 48 times. Visit also the French edition of the two Russian agencies mentioned 27 and 67 times, respectively.

Mostly the materials are news stories, however, was published a few articles. So, February 3, RT reported, citing the newspaper “Izvestia” that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has a “compromising correspondence” Makron with former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. 9 Feb RT spoke on the relationship of the Makron with the leadership of the SFR Presse media and telecommunications giant Altice, which could provide him with positive press. 13 Feb at Sputnik came the critical column of the economist Jacques Sapir, who called Him “the candidate of the oligarchs” and the product of the political system against which he supposedly stands.

In addition February 4, English-language edition Sputnik published an interview with the Deputy Nicolas Djuikom, a member of fraction of party “the Republicans”, which advocated the strengthening of relations with Russia, and in the summer of 2016 visited the Crimea as part of the French delegation. Duic, being a close ally of Fillon, accused of Macron in the interests of American banks, close ties with the gay lobby and monopolizing the press.

According to the analyst at the French Institute of international relations (IFRI) Julien Nocetti, negative publicity about the Macron — a consequence of “significant investments” Russia in the changing political situation in France. “The doctrine of Moscow combines diplomacy, the change in the rhetoric in the media and further inciting the situation, using stolen by hackers,” said Nocetti edition of Politico.


The representatives of RT on 13 February rejected allegations the French policy. “RT categorically denies any allegations that he is in some form involved in the proliferation of “fake news”, both in General and in respect of Emmanuel Macron, and the upcoming elections in France, — reads the statement of the press service of the channel. — It is surprising and disappointing that in the fight against “fake news” by the standards of journalism are so easy to compromise whenever it comes to RT”.

“We are flattered to hear that the Russian media are popular. This is a big plus <…> to Say that our media out there, trying to influence public opinion is absolutely absurd,” — commented on accusations of Russian media press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. Peskov reiterated that Russia will never interfere in electoral processes in other countries. As he said in response to accusations of Russian interference in the elections of the President of the United States.

I have no Russian, he said, and the favorite in the presidential elections in France. According to Peskov, there are candidates whom the President of Russia Vladimir Putin had to communicate more closely in previous years, there are candidates with whom he “talked less,” and “familiar with worse.” Putin was closely associated with françois Fillon when he was Prime Minister of France.

According to public opinion polls, Fillon was the favorite of the campaign until February 1. However, his position weakened by the publication of the weekly Canard enchaine. The journalists claim that the wife of the Fillon over the years working as an assistant to her husband in Parliament received €831 thousand salary without making this post nothing. January 30, the couple were summoned to the Prosecutor’s office to testify, and February 1, Fillon confirmed that he did not intend to withdraw from the elections, despite falling ratings.

The same day came the survey Elabe, for the first time showing the advantage of the Macron over the Fillon in the eyes of the electorate: 22% vs 19%. Already on 2 February, the trend has reinforced the Ifop poll, according to which the popularity of politicians caught up at 20%, in further support of Macron grew. The second figure in the popularity of marine Le Pen. The polling company OpinionWay published on 13 February showed that the macron in the second round can win over the leader of the party “national front” marine Le Pen, gaining 64% of the vote against 36%.