At the headquarters of Macron has accused Russia of meddling in the elections of France

The candidate in presidents of France Emmanuel the macron has become a target of Russian media and cyber attacks from Russia to help his “Pro-Russian candidates”. Such a statement was made by the Secretary General of the party “Forward!” Richard Ferrand, the TV channel France 2, according to Reuters.

According to Ferrand, Moscow is sympathetic to the policy of the candidate from “National front” marine Le Pen and the Republican candidate, fran├žois Fillon. In this regard, said Ferrand, he urged the government to take steps to ensure the absence of any “foreign interference” in the elections.

Drawing a parallel with the election of the President of the United States, where US intelligence agencies saw “Russian intervention”, Ferran said, “the Americans noticed it, but it was too late.”

In particular, Ferran complained about the Russian state TV Russia Today and Sputnik, which according to him, the spread of “fake news” in order to undermine public opinion about the Macron. Ferran is confident that the macron has become a target because of its policies in the interests of Europe.

A recent poll of the French Institute of public opinion conducted from 30 January to 2 February, showed that the Macron is ready to vote 20% of the French. Another survey, conducted by research company Opinion Way, showed that in the second round of presidential elections in France will be him and Le Pen.