The defense Ministry ordered 20 thousand medals for participating in the operation in Syria

The defense Ministry announced the auction, the winner of which is planned to conclude a contract for the supply of a variety of “heraldic products”, including the medal “Participant of military operations in Syria.” In a statement on the website of public procurement it is noted that the Department plans to buy 20 thousand of these medals.

Manufacture of the medal “Participant of military operations in Syria” is scheduled from brass, patinated “antique bronze”. Clothing such medals will be mounted using pins on a pentagonal block, covered with tape black-yellow-red-white-black colors.

The starting price of the medal “Participant of military operations in Syria” is defined in the documentation of the Ministry of defense in 222,75 rubles, the total cost of the lot – 4,455 million rubles. the First batch of 500 medals and attached them to the forms of certificates the supplier shall supply the Ministry of defense within 10 days after conclusion of the contract. Another 2.5 thousand medals are to be delivered within one month, and the remaining 17 thousand within 60 days.

Among the ordered Ministry of defense “heraldic products” also includes two lots of production of medals “For the liberation of Palmyra and the Palmyra mine”. Each of these medals are planned to be minted in quantities of 50 copies of the same patinated bronze of brass, but they will cost a little cheaper than the “Syrian” (220,5 rubles).

The number of ordered of the Ministry of defense medals may indirectly indicate the number of military involved in military operations in Syria. Officially this number is a military secret, but in September 2016, the Central election Commission released data on the number of Russians voted during the election of deputies of the state Duma at polling station No. 8269 in Damascus. Only on this site voted 4. thousand 571 people, of which 4 thousand 378 people cast their ballots in the portable ballot box. Informed “RIA Novosti” reported that the ballot box was delivered to the base Hamim, Deputy defense Minister Nikolai Pankov said that the voice gave 100% of soldiers.

The total cost of the proposed contract for the supply of the defense Ministry heraldic products is about 45,334 million rubles In the list of ordered items by the Department is a large number of other medals and distinctions, and forms of certificates to them, cases for storage of awards and connectors for attaching them.