The media learned about the murder of half-brother, Kim Jong-UN

Half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, Kim Jong-Nam, was killed in Malaysia, according to South Korean Agency Yonhap, citing a government source. The details of the incident, the interlocutor of Agency has not resulted.

According to the Agency, citing the TV station Chosun, Kim Jong-Nam, was killed in the Malaysian airport in an attack of two unknown women. They supposedly used the “poisoned needle” and then ran away. The police, according to the channel, suspects that the murder is itself North Korea.

Reuters Malaysian police reported that an unknown North Korean man died on the way to the hospital from the airport in Kuala Lumpur. Identified it yet.

Kim Jong-Nam is the eldest son of Kim Jong-Il, former North Korean leader who died in 2011. He was born from an extramarital affair Kim Jong-Il with a woman named sung Hye rim, an actress who was born in South Korea and died in Moscow. Kim Jong-Nam lived as a private person outside of the DPRK.