The town-planning code of Moscow will change before adoption of the rules of construction

Amendments to the town planning code will take place the first reading in the Moscow city Duma on Wednesday, February 15, for the preparation of the amendments for the second reading will be given at least a week, said the head of the Commission on urban planning, state ownership and land use Sergey Zverev. According to him, in the first place in the Metropolitan code would introduce an amendment concerning rules of land use and development (PHC). Article 35 prescribes that the PHC establishes the construction code. It is formally required to pay for the adoption of PHC, the deputies will be able to offer other amendments, said Zverev.

Member of the Commission on town-planning Andrey Klychkov said that would be amended on the procedure for conducting public hearings. “It is necessary to exclude from structure of participants of the public hearings, staff and students of the organizations who are on the territory of the district. It is the students of universities, students, employees of various companies, starting with the GBU “zhilischnik” and district councils. Them “will mobilize” to “remove” any requirements of the inhabitants”, — said Klychkov.

The draft rules of land use and development was developed by the Moscow authorities in 2016. It prescribes the construction parameters for specific sites: type, height, area of building objects. PHC simplify the issuance of building permits and legalize many controversial projects, such as commercial development of the lands of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The land use and development rules for the 10 counties of the “old Moscow” with the scandals went public hearings in December. The conclusion of the public hearings initially promised to accept by the end of January, and themselves PHC and adjusted on their basis the General plan of Moscow until 1 July.

In the Moscow city Duma claimed that the conclusion of the public hearings themselves, the PHC can be taken in March. “We do everything to ensure that before the end of March, the city government had the opportunity to adopt, as its regulatory document PHC,” said the head of the Commission on urban planning Zverev.

Deputy head of the Commission Oleg Soroka told that the processing of comments and suggestions should end in early March, and then begin the process of approval of the RPA. “Just received around 7,000 suggestions and comments from residents, entrepreneurs, legal entities”, — said the Deputy. In his words, “big problems” with the project no PHC.

The former head of NIIP General plan of Moscow Sergey Tkachenko said that in the Metropolitan code should be more clearly defined territorial nature of urban development. “Now there are only sectoral programmes (transport, etc.). They are often unbalanced in territorial terms,” — said Tkachenko.