WP found out about the warnings the White house on “Russia’s influence on Flynn”

The U.S. justice Department warned the White house that the US presidential Advisor for national security, Michael Flynn could “be vulnerable to blackmail by Russia.” About this newspaper the Washington Post reported sources close to the presidential administration.

According to the newspaper, this warning at the end of January was sent to the White house by the former Minister of justice (attorney General), Sally Yates. The message, in which he suggested that Flynn was misled administration officials about his contacts with the Russian Ambassador, as well as fears that Flynn was “potentially vulnerable to blackmail by Russia,” was transferred to the legal counsel of the White house to Donald Makhanu. Like he did with the information received, the newspaper’s sources don’t know.

The publication adds that the heads of National intelligence James clapper and CIA chief John Brennan if the Obama administration shared the concern of Yates and supported its intention to send a warning to the administration trump.

Senior administration official trump said the WP that the White house is aware of such warnings and added that the administration “worked on it for a few weeks.”

The sources noted that at least Flynn and misled Vice-President Mike Pence initially denied a conversation with the Russian Ambassador about the sanctions, do not rule out that EA was able to act with the approval of the other members of the transition at the time of the team trump.

February 9, The Washington Post reported that Flynn discussed with the Russian Ambassador to the USA Sergei Kislyak in a private conversation sanctions. The conversation allegedly took place even before the inauguration of the trump.

The Kremlin later confirmed that Flynn and Kislyak spoke, but the content of the conversation called untrue. Trump. commenting on the reports about the contacts of your Advisor with the Russian Ambassador, said he know nothing about it, but promised to deal with this story.

Sam Flynn initially, in conversations with colleagues in the White Lomu denied that the talk of sanctions Kislyak. However, later said that can not say with 100 percent certainty whether you discussed during the conversation the subject of sanctions.