Bellingcat found out the identity of the alleged perpetrator of the destruction of MH-17

Bellingcat found out the identity of the alleged perpetrator of the destruction of MH-17

Who is the “Gloomy”

International expert and journalist group Bellingcat, which deals with the search of data from open sources, February 15, presented the report “Who is “Gloomy”: a retired major General, is associated with the fall of the MH-17″. The authors of the investigation identified members of the armed forces of the breakaway Donetsk national Republic (DND) “Gloomy”, responsible for transportation of the launcher rocket complex “Buk”. Them, according to the Bellingcat investigation, turned out to be a retired Russian officer Sergey Dubinsky.

Bellingcat transmits the received data of the combined group of investigators (JIT Joint Investigation Team), which is conducting a criminal investigation into the death of Boeing MH17, shot down in the Donbass in July 2014. The composition of this group includes representatives of the investigative bodies of Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Malaysia and Ukraine.

Experts Bellingcat also sent JIT data on the activities of the 69-th separate brigade logistics support of the armed forces of Ukraine (military unit No. 11385). As pointed out by the investigating officers, the military units involved in transportation launcher “Buk” to the Russian-Ukrainian border in June and July 2014. Bellingcat has examined the pages of the military in social networks and found a large number of photographs taken in the Rostov region during the transporting unit. The photographs depict military equipment recorded by eyewitnesses.

sent a formal request to the Ministry of defense of Russia about the results of the investigation Bellingcat. Earlier, the defense Ministry criticized the study group for the collapse of the liner. According to the Russian military, reports of the group is based on the “pseudopotto” and falsification of data about the crash of MH17.

The record of negotiations

In April 2015, the JIT has published phone conversations of separatists discussing details of the crash and the transportation of the missile launcher system “Buk”. JIT gave one of the entries of the SBU.

On the recording the voices of the two supporters of the NPT — “Gloomy” and “Buryatia”. The separatists discussed the transfer of “Gloomy” installation “Buk” and methods of transporting weapons. SBU experts determined that the voice of the fighter with a call sign “Gloomy” belongs to Sergey Nikolayevich Petrovsky, a retired officer of the Russian army. According to Ukrainian law enforcers, Peter served in military intelligence, the GRU, and retired in 2014.

The person posing as Peter’s-“Gloomy” 2015 several times, gave an interview to the Russian media as the head of the Main intelligence Directorate of the DPR, Deputy Minister of defence DND Igor strelkov. According to Bellingcat, these interviews are not related to this “Gloomy”.

“Bad soldiers”

Figuring out the real identity Petrovsky, Bellingcat found his profile on a military history forum “Antiques”. During the discussion of hostilities in the South-East of Ukraine, the user “Bad men” had Peter’s and called himself “Deputy Minister of defence DND exploration”. This information was publicly confirmed by Igor Strelkov, was on the “Antiques” under the pseudonym “Cotic”.

Investigators have identified the real name of Petrovskogo with the help of email archive Igor strelkov, published by the hacker group “Humpty Dumpty”. In April 2014, Strelkov was directed a message ‘ “”. In a letter to the unknown asked strelkov, sure that he had forgotten about the “Buffalo.” Bellingcat was able to find a few social media profiles associated with email address.

On the forum of the 108th motorized rifle regiment, who from 1979 to 1989, he participated in military actions in Afghanistan, the unknown user has specified the name of Sergei Dubinsky, years of service in the Department and personal mail, which coincides with the address published by the group of hackers. Specified by the user of the forum phone operates, but the man raised up, said that it has nothing to do with Dubinsky or Small.

At the same forum users later posted a picture of Dubinsky in military uniform with combat awards — in this picture he is not like man, who gave a video interview to the Russian media in 2014-2015. One of the participants of the discussion called callsigns Dubinsky, “Gloomy”, “bison”, “Buffalo”, “Peter” and said that took place with the officer serving in Afghanistan.

The crash site of a passenger plane “Malaysian airlines” Boeing 777

Photo: Michael Pochuev / TASS


Investigators were able to detect the profile of Dubinsky in the social network “Odnoklassniki”. In the fall of 2014 Dubinsky has published on his page of photos with actor Mikhail Porechenkov who visited Donetsk in October, and actor Ivan Okhlobystin. Later Okhlobystin published in your profile photo hours, which gave him “Dull.” The photograph also shows the identity of the major-General Sergey Petrovsky, signed by Prime Minister DND Alexander Zakharchenko.

According to the decree of the district court Aksai, Rostov region in April 2015, Dubinsky was appointed military pension for years of service. The decision stated that the officer served in military units No. 61019 No. 11659 (22-th separate brigade of the GRU) and No. 51019 (single radio unit for special purpose). The last military unit is located in the Steppe of the Rostov region. According to open sources, in the name of Sergei Dubinsky, living in the Steppe, it was three cars. Date of birth — August 9, 1962, specified in the database matches the information on the personal page of an officer in a social network “Schoolmates”. As it turned out, Peter for more than 30 years served in the Soviet and Russian army.

In the Bellingcat investigation also indicated that in the summer of 2016 Dubinsky posted on his page a photo of a new home, where a retired officer moved to 2015. Dubinsky also posted a picture of ATV Can-Am Commander XT. On the website of the manufacturer on the vehicle price — from $15 thousand

Bellingcat — international expert and journalist group founded on 15 July 2014, the British journalist Eliot Higgins. The team’s task is to unite citizen journalists to investigate current events. In their reports, the Bellingcat based on open sources: videos and photos posted in social networks, satellite imagery. Bellingcat exists on private donations collected through the crowdfunding service Kickstarter. The team employs more than two dozen people and a large number of volunteers who help the project free of charge.

Now the main project Bellingcat — investigation of the circumstances of the crash Malaysian Boeing. The command also oversees a military campaign in Syria, including the actions of Russian soldiers.

The accuracy of the information Bellingcat sometimes questioned by foreign media. In June, the German magazine Spiegel interviewed an expert on the analysis of forensic photography Jens Krause. The occasion was the investigation Bellingcat, which, according to the group, it has been proven the manipulation of the Russian Ministry of defense photos of the downed mh17 plane. Expert Krause said that the method applied Bellingcat, from the point of view of the examination does not stand up to scrutiny. “At its core, it relies on the so-called ELA-analysis. This method is not taught and subjective. Accordingly, there is no scientific articles devoted to this method”, — he said (quoted by “InoSMI”).

Chief editor of Spiegel Online Florian harms in June has officially apologized to readers for the fact that the editors on the basis of information from Bellingcat gave an affirmative headlines that Russia was manipulating with pictures. According to Kharms, to study Bellingcat had to be in the subjunctive mood, as the approval of the researchers were not properly checked by the editorial Board.