Prime Minister of Ukraine was threatened with dismissal by the forecast growth in gas prices by 40%

The increase in gas prices for Ukraine’s population will not be promised the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman. People who make predictions about the imminent increase in tariffs, the Prime Minister was advised to resign.

“I will not allow any raise of gas tariffs for the population’s needs. And those who claim a possible price increase by 40%, needs or responsible work, or to write the application on dismissal”, — said hroysman, quoted by the press service of the government.

The Prime Minister stressed that the Ukrainian government has established a single market price of gas and above this limit, the rates can’t go. Groisman also noted that the introduction of uniform gas prices in the country put an end to speculation, corruption, and kickbacks in the sale of gas in Ukraine.

“Earlier this was making money in his pockets, and “Naftogaz” was an unprofitable company that is constantly received hundreds of billions of funds of Ukrainian citizens”, — said Groisman.

Yesterday, 14 February, chief commercial officer of the company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Yuriy Vitrenko in his column on the portal “New age-Business,” warned that from April 1, 2017 (this date for Ukraine gas prices for the population must stop be regulated by the state) the price of gas for Ukraine’s population could grow by 40%.

“If there is no extended state regulation of prices for the needs of the population, based on current gas prices in the European markets, the hryvnia exchange rate and other factors, we can expect that the price of gas for the needs of the population will increase by 40%,” — said Vitrenko.

According to him, in case of agreement of the International monetary Fund (IMF) to postpone the liberalization of gas prices, increase of tariffs for the population may be able to postpone until the beginning of October 2017, but after that, prices will jump by about half.

Vitrenko said that to prevent the increase in tariffs could satisfaction the Stockholm arbitration the claim to “Naftogaz of Ukraine” to “Gazprom”, which will give Ukrainian companies the opportunity to obtain gas at a price of “hub minus”.

“Then we can expect that the wholesale price for the needs of the population will decrease twice in comparison with the current price, not increase. It is therefore very important to get a positive decision of the Stockholm arbitration, to avoid the need to raise prices,” — concluded Vitrenko.

In April 2016 the government of Ukraine took decision to cancel the preferential social norms in the amount of 1.2 thousand cubic meters for the heating season (within which the population buying gas for 3,6 thousand UAH per 1 thousand cubic meters) and establishing a single price for gas in 6,879 thousand. Groisman he then promised that “it will be the last change in gas prices in the life” of the state.

Later, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko explained the growth rates of the country’s withdrawal from dependence on gas supplies from Russia.

“Before the government sat hooked on gas or the gas needle is the aggressor,” — said Poroshenko.