The NYT found out about the team contact trump with Russian intelligence before the election

The members of the electoral headquarters of Donald trump had contact with senior representatives of the Russian intelligence services before the presidential elections in November 2016. This is evidenced by the phone records and intercepted calls, writes The New York Times, citing four current and former American officials.

According to three sources, contacts were intercepted by American law enforcement and intelligence around the same time, when they began to appear evidence that Russia was trying to influence the election by hacking the servers of the National Committee of the US Democratic party. After security forces began to find out was whether the people from trump in any collusion with Russia in the conduct of hacker attacks or other attempts to influence elections. As the newspaper notes, while no evidence of such collusion was found.

According to officials, the intercepted conversations also indicate that the contacts with Moscow were not only members of the trump team, but other people around him. From the Russian side in contacts also took part authorities that are not related to intelligence, according to sources NYT. The content of conversations, they didn’t.

Among those who had contact with the Russian intelligence sources have named the former head of the electoral headquarters of the trump Paul Manafort. That, in turn, rejected these assumptions and called them absurd.

Manafort resigned as head of the headquarters of the trump in August 2016, after The New York Times has published the documents of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine, which showed that he was able to obtain $12.7 million from a black cashier of the party of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, when he advises the Party of regions. As Politico wrote, the Ukrainian government intends to spread these documents to discredit trump and help the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Trump has denied any connections with Moscow during debates and public appearances during the election campaign and after taking office. “I don’t know [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, I do not make deals with Russia, and the haters go crazy,” wrote trump on 7 February on his Twitter page.