The white house said about the non-requirement of creation of a Palestinian state

The new US administration will not insist on the mandatory principle of “two States for two peoples” in resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. This was at the briefing said a senior representative of the US administration, reports Reuters.

The main goal is peace, assured the interviewee, which can occur due to the approach of “two States, two peoples” with the consent of the parties, or may be other way to achieve their desire. The administration of Donald trump is not going to dictate the terms of reconciliation.

The announcement was made ahead of his visit to USA, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. The principle of “two States for two peoples” provides for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state that will coexist peacefully with Israel. The commitment to this position repeatedly stated by former us Secretary of state John Kerry.

Trump has repeatedly declared its unconditional support for Israel as a key US ally in the middle East, the former Obama administration had very tense relations with the Netanyahu government.