Prosecutors in France have promised to bring an investigation against the Fillon until the end

French financial Prosecutor’s office released a statement which said that the investigation of the actions of the candidate in presidents of France from the party “the Republicans” françois Fillon and his wife Penelope will be continued, according to Reuters.

In a statement the Prosecutor’s office stated that during the investigation were collected “some evidence” that do not allow this to stop the deal.

Penelope Fillon in 1998-2002 worked as an aide to her husband, who was a member of the French Parliament. When in 2002 Fillon moved from the Parliament to the post of Minister of labour and social issues of his Deputy mandate is transferred to the same party Brand Julot, who claimed that Penelope has never worked. While Penelope until 2007 was listed as assistant of the Deputy and continued to receive a salary.

By law, politicians in France are not prohibited to employ a relatives, however, the publication Canard enchaine, in which this story was first published, argued that the post of the assistant to the Deputy for Penelope was a sham, and his duties she performed.

When in 2002 Fillon resigned from Parliament to the government as Minister of labor and social issues of his Deputy mandate is transferred to the same party Brand Julot, the present Deputy of the European Parliament. While Penelope Fillon was listed until 2007, the assistant Deputy Julot.

French investigators began checking the activities of Penelope Fillon in Parliament, suspecting her of kasenyi misuse of funds and embezzlement of public funds.

Fillon 6 Feb apologized to the French people for the fact that his wife worked in Parliament and received a salary there. He explained that this practice was legitimate, but admitted that he had made the mistake of paying money to a member of his family. Up to this point Fillon has repeatedly and publicly denied that he or his spouse is involved in illegal schemes to generate income, and said that to withdraw from the race for presidency is going.

Because of reports that Fillon and his wife were involved in financial mismanagement, the popularity of the Republican candidate among the French decreased — if in January polls research company Ipsos promised him an exit in the second round of elections, after the start of the investigation, the forecasts showed that he would defer to the ex-Minister of economy of France and the head of political movement “Forward” to Emmanuel Macron. According to Ipsos on 15 February, the head of the “National front” marine Le Pen is ready to vote 26% for the Macron — 19.5%, and for the Fillon is 18.5%. Since the beginning of the month, Fillon lost the support of 11% of voters — according to an Ipsos survey from 1 February, then it was supported by 25% of respondents.

The first round of elections of the President of France appointed on 23 April, the second will be held on 7 may.