The Kremlin will create a single operator of presidential grants

Where the money goes

The presidential administration will create a single operator of presidential grants, said two sources close to the Kremlin and confirmed by representatives of the three active NGOs involved in the distribution of grants. The new structure will appear in the framework of the reform of presidential grants.

That the first Deputy head of the presidential administration Sergei Kiriyenko plans for such reform, at the end of last year I told three of the interlocutor close to the Kremlin.

It is expected that the new structure will be available in March, said one of the sources . Information about it will be reflected in the order of the President on the allocation of grants for 2017, he said. Last year Vladimir Putin signed the document on allocation of grants was issued in early April.

According to the interlocutor close to the Kremlin, leaders of nonprofit organizations, which are now the operators of grants of the President, “has already informed that the planned reform that will transition into a unified structure.” The Kremlin wants to clearly understand, “what is the distribution of money,” explained another source close to the presidential administration.

Currently, the operators presidential grants are nine NGOs: the national charity Fund, Russian Union of youth, the League of nation’s health, the Fund “Civil dignity”, the Union of women of Russia, Russian Union of rectors, the Fund “Perspective” Charity Fund of support of family, motherhood and childhood “Pokrov” and the Union of pensioners of Russia.

The fight against bureaucracy

The head of the Union of pensioners of Russia Valery Ryazansky said that he knows about the upcoming reform. According to him, they discussed two options: either to leave the system of distribution of grants such as is, or create a single structure. “Most likely, will be supported by a variant of the single operator, he says. It is very convenient from the legal point of view and reduce bureaucracy”.

According to Ryazan, the reform “will be simplified administration.” It is assumed, he continues, that the new operator can take over the collection of applications and forwarding them to the competition Commission, and audit of grant recipients.

The Chairman of the Fund “Civil dignity” Pavel Vdovichenko confirmed the information on creation of a unified operator of presidential grants. According to him, “Civil dignity” invited to join the founders of the new structure, and all she will have seven co-founders from among the current operators. “Now I’m going to Moscow on business related to the registration of a single printoperation the justice Ministry,” — said the Chairman of the Fund.

Which of the two current operators presidential grants will not be included in the composition of the co-founders, Vdovichenko said. According to him, the old structure will join the new with the preservation of their legal entities. On the question of who will lead the unified printoperation, Vdovichenko suggested that it would be “a person who is engaged in social projects, have good organizational skills, and the leaders of the non-profit sector making it as positive and wholesome.”

Chairman of the Foundation believes that the reform needed to reduce bureaucracy. “Now every organization operating presidential grants, carries its own history of ideas about what a printoperation. And with all the overall supervision of these structures by the administration of President there is an element of inconsistency in the understanding of these processes: how to make documents, how to organize the results of grants,” Vdovychenko says.

Chairman of the Foundation shared the view that a single structure will have a Supervisory Board, which will include the leaders of the current operators. This should facilitate the process of determining the winners of the applications. In the example Vdovichenko cited the situation when shortly before deadline the operator came quality bid, which subjects suited to another printoperation: “to Go from one office unified structure to another when applying much easier than different printoperator to agree with each other”.

The contests will continue

Chairman of the Union of women of Russia the Senator Ekaterina Lakhova also confirmed the fact of reform. She wants the grants were more often awarded to the organization from distant regions, and now the application mainly serves organizations from Central Russia and the Volga region.

According to her, the Union offered to enter into co-founders structure. “The offer was reasonable, now instead of nine directorates will be one, while all areas will continue and maybe even expand. Also expect stricter control over the implementation of projects,” says Lakhova.

All directions that grants, continues, or perhaps they will be more confirmed in Ryazan. “To assess applications will continue to be the expert community”, — he stressed.

A source close to the Kremlin, said that not exclude the following scenario: “the Competition Commission of the current operators can continue to work on the Board, but administratively and financially everything will control by a single operator-the monster”.

To receive the comment in the Kremlin failed.