The media learned about the possible move of the foreign Ministry Ombudsman for human rights in AP

Authorized foreign Ministry on issues of human rights, democracy and rule of law Konstantin Dolgov considered as a candidate for the position of Deputy head of management on public projects (OPS) in the presidential administration. About this “Kommersant” was told two sources in the government.

Dolgov appointment to the position of Deputy OPS may coincide with the transfer of the Department for cooperation with civil society office from the President for domestic policy (Ohr) in CRM, say the sources in the Kremlin. Now this Department directly reports to the head of Department of internal policy Andrey Yarinu. The Department for cooperation with civil society oversees the presidential Council on human rights, NGOs, the Ministry of justice.

According to the newspaper, the AP also considers the question of the transfer of the Department on work with political parties, Deputy head of the Ohr.

OPS was created in October 2012. The decree stated that the office will “ideology, content, system, meaning things in the work with cultural environments, young people and civil society.”

Since October 2012, the OPS was headed by Deputy head of the President on internal policy (UVP) Pavel Zenkovich. His Vice was Olga Vasilyeva and Vladimir Popov. After the appointment Vasileva on a post of the Minister of education and science the position in OPS free. Since January of this year, the OPS is headed by Sergey Novikov. Zenkovich in early February became the Deputy Minister of education.

Debt itself declined to comment on “Kommersant” possible translation in the AP. He takes up his post in 2011. Prior to that, he worked in the foreign Ministry, since 2012 is a member of the Expert Council under the Ombudsman for children.

Political analyst Andrei Kolyadin noted that “the Debt diplomat. So, in addition to great education and skills to conduct complex negotiations, and even proven, loyal and tacit — that is the ideal of contemporary official”.