The Pentagon has stated that there is no doubt the intervention of Russia in election

The Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis said that he had virtually no doubt in Russia’s intervention in the elections abroad. He stated this at a meeting of defense Ministers of NATO countries in Brussels, according to Reuters.

“Now I can say that I have little doubt about the fact that Russia interfered or tried to interfere in the electoral process number of countries,” he said.

Accusations of Russian meddling in elections in Western countries were first heard during the election campaign in the United States when he was hacked mail servers in the Democratic party. In January, US intelligence published an unclassified version of the report about the “Russian interference” in the presidential elections, in which it was alleged that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin “with high probability” supervised these actions.

According to us intelligence, the aim of the Russian authorities was “to undermine people’s faith in American democracy, to tarnish Hillary Clinton, to hurt her presidential campaign and to thwart its potential victory in the elections.” Commenting on the report, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that it contains uncorroborated allegations, adding that the Kremlin is sick and tired of them.

On 13 February, the Secretary-General of the party “Forward!” Richard Ferrand accused Russia of trying to interfere in elections in France. This, he explained the fact that the candidate in presidents of France Emmanuel macron became a target of Russian media and cyber attacks from Russia. According to him, Moscow is sympathetic to the policy of the candidate from “National front” marine Le Pen and the Republican candidate, fran├žois Fillon. In the Kremlin these charges are called absurd.