Vitaly Mutko — “I responsibility know”

Vitaly Mutko announced that Russian football and the English language

About report McLaren

“What in the report most importantly — it with the first line is directed to the fact that in Russia there is some government-sponsored special program of concealment of doping. It is comprehensive and almost all sports is under the umbrella of this program. With this, of course, we can’t agree, none of the reports there is no convincing basis for to prove it.”

The main from the report of the McLaren

About the world Cup

“We’re doing this. We have the world Cup do not do, in order just to spend it. We are developing our country, we have a big program of modernization of the country, to build 12 stadiums, 11 complexes. In Rostov-on-don will be new. We upgrade the host city, there are building training grounds and hotels, engineering infrastructure, street and road, metro station. In the end, we do it for ourselves”.

On the stadium “Central”

“Why it took so long to build… Because there was a change of Governor, there was a big discussion about the project: some wanted with closable roof, while others wanted a retractable field. After permission to hold the championship of the world, new requirements of the FIFA to stadiums, they have not been considered. Two times to change the contractor. So long it is impossible to build, but now the situation is under control and the city government, and the government of Russia. 26 December 2016, the stadium received the permission to commissioning. He entered, everything.”

About why Russian national football team plays bad

“Not a very big motivation among the players who come to the national team. Owing, probably, different reasons. And I think that the potential of this team much higher. <…> We need a lot of measures to take. The steps we took — new coach, new team, two sparring game serious, we will have (against), côte d’ivoire and Belgium, I hope that we will see a prototype. Will talk with the clubs, and guys that today, of course, we saw a completely different game.”

About the limit on foreign players in Russian football

“The limit today is only one element of the changing situation in the Russian football. But I want everyone to know, I don’t change it, before the world Cup even no one can convince me. Because I know simple arithmetic: if there were no limit, we now have Russian players did not exist. <…> Today, you have to have five players and give them the opportunity to play. And, please, play”.

About the salaries of football players

“They pay for the game in Russian national team we do not pay. We pay remuneration for the result. They have, relatively, every game in the championship was worth a certain amount. 70% of this amount goes to them for a reward. Lost — got 0. Won, got 70% of this amount, divided by team. For friendly matches, too, will receive from the fees. If we sell tickets, if we sell this match, they will receive. Now we returned to the national team these are the rules”.

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On his resignation

“I’m always the measure of responsibility for its know. But just so you understand that retirement and other… I can’t get up and leave. Of course, such questions are discussed and the decision to resign…I take responsibility you know, and such issues were discussed. There is a branch — physical culture and sport. Let’s look at the development of physical culture and sport for the past 5-6 years. Sit down and look at what metrics, what should answer the sphere of physical culture and sport, for what should meet the Minister. Still, it needs to create conditions for the development of the industry. And let’s see, in recent years, the proportion of citizens involved in sports, has increased significantly, up by 20 million people. The number of sports facilities increased by 1.5 times, today virtually every region involved in sports. <…> In our country it is very fashionable, when we win the Olympic games on the chest for awards not enough seats. As something playable, all focused on me. Of course, I am responsible, but I can’t understand how I can affect what Masha Savinova or other athlete used doping”.

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