Business Medvedev has sent proposals to accelerate the economy

A letter to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev (document) representatives of business sent on Friday, February 17. Beneath it is signed by the President of the chamber of Commerce Sergei Katyrin, head of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs Alexander Shokhin, President of “OPORA Russia” Alexander Kalinin and acting head of “Business Russia” Alexey Ordzhonikidze. They identified 25 summary of proposals to be included in a comprehensive plan of actions of the government in the years 2017-2025.

Reducing the tax burden to attract investors

First and foremost, a business concerned about non-tax revenue: enterprises propose to adopt a Federal law that defines the General principles of charging and regulation such payments and rules for their administration. A moratorium on the introduction of new non-tax payments, in their opinion, should be extended until 2025. In addition, it is necessary to designate the maximum level of tax and non-tax exemptions, which also need to be provided with investment attraction and implementation of business social functions.

Principles of taxation must be fixed for a long period, in particular, to maintain indefinitely a single tax on imputed income (UTII, his term was to expire in 2018, but in June of last year President Vladimir Putin signed a law according to which the period of work UTII is extended until 1 January 2021). To reduce the fiscal burden on business enterprises are offering and by reducing the maximum size of insurance premiums or reduce the taxable base for VAT on the payroll. Such measures will help to reduce the fiscal burden and, consequently, to create an attractive investment climate, indicate business enterprises.

Medvedev offered to provide tax relief for taxes on income and property at the initial stages of the organization of production. Business enterprises also want to enter the direct investment exemption for tax on profit of organizations. It is expected that it will be on the reduction of payable tax on an amount equal to 50% of expenses on modernization and reconstruction of fixed assets. It is also proposed to expand the list of equipment in respect of which taxpayers can apply a special coefficient to the basic depreciation rate. At the same time, the problem of tax breaks has repeatedly drawn the attention of the Ministry of Finance. Now a lot of them, and the authorities engaged in a review of their effectiveness, said the Minister Anton Siluanov.

In late January, the business Association has already sent proposals to the Ministry. Then the document (also have) was more — it was 149 points. But then the number of proposals decided to reduce to 25 the most important who exactly should enter into a comprehensive plan of actions of the government, said Friday the head of the RSPP President Alexander Shokhin at the meeting of the program Committee of the international Yalta economic forum.

Like trump

A separate section is concerned with the improvement of the legislative process. For example, the business wants to introduce the principle of ‘ one in — two out, whereby during the introduction of the new requirements entrepreneurs need to cancel two old. Such a decree in late January, was signed by the President of the United States Donald trump is basing his decision on the fact that “control will be put in order”.

Among other proposals in the legislative block “the establishment of clear requirements for the content of the explanatory note and the feasibility study” projects that will assess the execution costs of those decisions. In addition, business enterprises want to prohibit the stamp “for official use” on projects that are not restricted as a state secret. Now this vulture bills exempt from mandatory public examination.

While entrepreneurs want to be able to evaluate not only the bills but also amendments to them — for this you need to introduce a procedure similar to the regulatory impact assessment. The problem of ODS had already drawn the attention of experts of the Center for strategic research of Alexei Kudrin. They wrote that the reviewer is sometimes given only one day to study law, which the state Duma approved a sweeping initiative.

Reporting and criminal cases

Business also demands a moratorium on the introduction of new and modification of existing performance standards, which increase its volume. Another proposal is to increase the time period from which begin to operate the new tax reporting forms (now it is two months from the date of publication, and increase it must up to six months, follows from the document). This is not the only requirement oversight — business also wants legislation to limit the maximum number of routine inspections one company two a year, which, by design associations, should increase the level of protection of entrepreneurs.

The responsibility of inspectors for violations need to increase, in particular, to exclude such sanctions as a warning, to expand the list of gross violations, including checks without reason or consent from the Prosecutor’s office, and to introduce administrative liability for the illegal search. To Institute criminal proceedings against employers, according to the plan of the Quartet, can only be at the request of the victim, and to stop them would after reconciliation of the parties.

Separate business enterprises focus on the rates, take measures to improve state regulation of prices and to eliminate the overestimation of costs of monopolies. Other items — insurance of deposits and current accounts for micro and small business, improvement of regulation of the procedure of determination of the cadastral value of the property and the reduction of unnecessary procedures for obtaining permits for the renovation and construction of linear facilities, increased transparency in government procurement, and improving the system of certification and accreditation.