Foreign Minister told about the measures to ensure the ceasefire in Syria

Monitor the implementation of the cease-fire will be a joint group that will include representatives of Russia, Iran and Turkey, as well as UN experts, the number of which will determine the hand, said in a statement on the website of the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs. To meet the group needs a regular basis, but for the necessary request of a party and agreement on place and time of the meeting. Information about violations will be provided in three countries through their national information centres and the operations centre of the United Nations. The Russian coordination center for ceasefire deployed Hamim at the airbase in Latakia.

At a meeting of the group may be invited representatives of the Syrian parties to cease fire as well as other countries and organizations that have influence on them.

The panel will discuss not only the issues of implementation of the plan, but also to investigate violations. Members of the group must also make efforts to organize searches of detainees and the kidnapped, for the exchange of prisoners and dead bodies, search for missing persons, as well as facilitate humanitarian access.

The plan was approved by all participants of the meeting in Astana with the participation of representatives from Syria, Turkey, Iran, Russia and the UN. Approval of the plan was the main outcome of the meeting in the capital of Kazakhstan, said a source in the administration of the President of Russia “Interfax”. “This means that the tripartite mechanism is at a good consistent basis,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

“The objectives of the tripartite joint team, in addition to providing all the terms of the cease-fire, also includes the division of terrorist organizations such as ISIS and “Dzhabhat EN-Nusra” from the armed opposition and the strengthening of confidence-building measures that promote inter-Syrian dialogue under the auspices of the UN,” — said the source.

The main purpose of the regular meetings of the operational group is to create conditions for meeting and dialogue between the conflicting parties, says military expert Alexander Goltz. “Agreed, painfully producing every sentence, arguing about a particular language already good conditions of civil war,” he said. However, I believe that the creation of such groups may lead to resolution of the conflict is an illusion, draws the attention of Holtz.

The ceasefire in Syria came into force on 30 December 2016. His guarantors were made by Russia, Iran and Turkey. Previous truce in Syria has provided Russia and the United States, then also created a monitoring mechanism, however, two attempts to provide a lasting cease-fire failed. Mechanism with the United States has not earned because Washington has committed to division of terrorists and the opposition, however, had no knowledge of the situation “on the ground”, says military expert Viktor murakhovski. The top three countries-guarantors of the current truce knew the situation on the ground much better, says the expert.

The performance of the new mechanism will depend on political will: on the ground military experts can work any serious friction, the algorithms of this work are the same for all military, Murakhovsky says. “In this Commission are more concerned about the UN, because there is little of military specialists, they are almost there, it’s mostly politics,” — said the expert.