In the Kremlin explained the technology searches for the “perfect Governor,”

The resignation ended

On Friday, February 17, President Vladimir Putin met with five governors who have recently resigned: Viktor Basargin (Perm region), Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn (Buryatia), Sergey Mitin (Novgorod region), Alexander Khudilainen (Karelia) and Oleg Kovalev (Ryazan oblast).

Naming a rotation of governors “absolutely natural process”, the President expressed the hope that the former regional leaders “will do everything to help, support successors in the work.”

Departed from their posts the governors promise to attach to a new place: all of them will be found scope. Someone, for example, membership in the Federation Council, said a source in the Kremlin. Two of the five resigned, heads of subjects have already settled in the new place: Basargin, head of Rostransnadzor, Kovalev became an adviser to his mate Nikolay Lyubimov.

Meeting with ex-governors, the head of state summed up in a series of resignations. Before the official start of the regional elections, the Kremlin has no plans of replacements in the gubernatorial corps, said a source in the presidential administration. Resignation is possible only in the case of “if where-that something will collapse,” he added. But in this situation the decision will not be taken hastily: “You will first try to save the situation, to help the Governor”, — said the interlocutor .

Criteria have permutations

When deciding about the resignation of a head of the subject, took into account several factors, said a source close to the Kremlin. First of all we are talking about specially designed in the presidential administration, the criteria of efficiency of governors, which takes into account the dynamics of the economic situation, electoral ratings, a conflict of the elites and corruption. Studied different ratings: polls are polls, georating FOM. Also take into consideration the request of the region to update, he added .

Then the decision about “what kind of Governor he would not support”, was taken by the President.

Decisions to change or not to change the head of the subject concerned those regions, where this year should pass elections: “In these cases, no action was impossible. But the basic logic was this: there where no changes, it is better not to change,” said a source in the Kremlin. That is why there was a question about the replacement of governors whose terms will expire this year, and later recognizes the source . Although there are those who work worse than the recent retirees, he said.

In search of the “perfect Governor,”

Potential replacements of regional heads, which was decided to send “exit” was selected in January, said a source in the Kremlin. “Focused on candidates from the personnel reserve of the President. Was used (for the selection of candidates) the best government and business practices,” said a source close to the Kremlin.

In the presidential administration drew up a profile of ideal Governor of the most successful heads of subjects, said a Kremlin source . The number of such governors he calls Anatoly Artamonov (Kaluga region), Vladimir Yakushev (Tyumen region), Rustam Minnikhanov (Tatarstan) and Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin. With each of them, according to the source , agreed about the arrival of the experts that “perfect leaders” spoke about his experience.

For compliance with the profile of ideal Governor then considered candidates for the posts of heads of subjects. In addition, each of them had to have its own success story, said the Federal official .

Candidates for gubernatorial posts “were a complex system of tests, some of which the computer”. Each of them agreed that “they put them on the altar one time” to meet with people who come to interview, continued the source . While the candidates themselves didn’t know what kind of positions they are considering. Told everyone that the interview is conducted with the aim to explore their potential and ability to be used in new areas of work, said a Federal official.

In addition to interviews with the candidates themselves spoke also with their former and current colleagues to get feedback.

Requests regions

In parallel, according to the interlocutor in the Kremlin has studied the requests of the regions. “There are areas that don’t want the governors of the local, and are willing to accept “outsider” — he said. As an example, the source leads of the Yaroslavl region, where in July of last year, the acting Governor had appointed a former security guard of President Dmitry Mironov.

The opposite situation with the Perm Krai: surveys various sociological services showed that the region does not perceive the “outsider,” continued the source . Therefore, according to him, the inhabitants of the region do not perceive the now former Governor Basargin — the native of Ekaterinburg, who brought from his native city of many members of his team. Also, studies have shown that in the Perm Krai is absolutely impossible to appoint a strongman, as its territory is home to several correctional facilities. The most known of them — “White Swan”, where prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment.

As for the Novgorod region, the opinion polls showed that the arrival of “Varyag” to residents is not critical, said a source in the Kremlin.

Requests the regions where it was planned to change governors, and candidate profiles overlap each other, the Kremlin continued the source . At the start of selection of candidates was 5-7 candidates for each region. All of them met the first Deputy head of the presidential administration Sergei Kiriyenko, said the Federal official. In the final part of selection was no less than three people per region. The final selection was done by the President.

A source in the Kremlin said that, as a rule, he relied on the younger people associated with the region having good management experience. “The logic was that the region returned to the person having experience in the Federal government,” the source explained , but stressed that it is a native of a particular region was not an end in itself.

Of the five recent appointees in gubernatorial posts come from their own regions are two: the former head of the Moscow Department of economic policy Maxim Reshetnikov (acting Governor of the Perm region) and former head of the Federal service of court bailiffs Arthur Parfenchikov (acting Governor of Karelia).

Former Deputy transport Minister Alexei Tsydenov (acting head of Buryatia) — the native of the Chita region, the former head of the Agency for strategic initiatives Andrey Nikitin (acting Governor of Novgorod region) to Moscow, state Duma Deputy Nikolai Lyubimov (acting Governor of Ryazan region) — from Kaluga.