DIA found in credited Le Pen Bank the loss of 9.33 billion.

The Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) has revealed during the inventory of the property in the First Czech-Russian Bank (pcrb) the loss of 9.33 billion rubles this is stated in the materials of the DIA.

The main part of the short — 8.15 billion rubles — accounts for loans receivable of legal entities and related to the lack of credit history that have not been transferred to the former management of the Bank the temporary administration and subsequently the administrator.

The remainder is the loss on other assets (1.08 billion RUB), by main and economic costs (105,24 RUB million) and funds on correspondent accounts in other credit institutions from the lack of statements at the time of the inventory (714 thousand rubles).

The Bank occupied the 126th place in the Russian banking system by total assets, was disbarred July 1, 2016. The Central Bank noted that the Bank adequately assessed the risks taken with poor quality assets.

In the same month, the regulator has submitted to Arbitration court the claim about recognition pcrb bankrupt. The Chairman of the Central Bank Mikhail Sukhov reported that the hole in the capital of credit organizations amounted to more than RUB 20 billion in insurance liability less than 17 billion rubles. the Decision on recognition pcrb was recognized a bankrupt in September 2016.

Pcrb lent to the French party “national front” which leader is marine Le Pen. Party at the end of 2014 agreed with the Bank on the loan in the amount of €9 million, after Le Pen spoke about the failure of French banks to lend her party.

In January of this year, “Kommersant”, citing sources close to the investigation, reported that the Basmanny district court of Moscow sanctioned the arrest of former Vice-President pcrb Dmitry Merkulov. He pleaded not guilty.