Merkel acknowledged the lack of conditions for implementation of the Minsk agreements

Speaking at the Munich security conference German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that she still has hope for the implementation of the Minsk agreements on the settlement in Ukraine, although it recognizes the lack of formal grounds for this.

“Minsk agreement is the only thing that we have to continue dialogue and to create opportunities for problem solving. If nothing else, you need to use what is there. I still have a hope”, — quotes the words of the Chancellor “Interfax”.

Along with this it is noted that for the realization of the political part of the agreements still lack a formal Foundation.

“I understand the situation that there are two major problems. The Minsk agreement came from the fact that we are the first day after the cease-fire will take all political steps. But then failed to ensure a ceasefire in the period more than 3-4 days. Therefore, from a formal point of view, we are not yet able now to start a political process,” she said.