Trump called CNN, The New York Times and NBC enemies of the American people

The US President Donald trump said that the largest American media are the enemy of all people in the country.

“The media, spreading false news (The New York Times, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN) — not my enemies. It is the enemy of all Americans,” wrote the US President in his Twitter.

Fake News Front: like Donald trump fighting with journalists

This is not the first statement of trump on the activities of major American media. In his Twitter, he several times after the inauguration, criticized the New York Times, CNN, and also criticized ABC, NBC and The Washington Post. He stated that these media are “false” and “failed”.

Speaking at a press conference on 16 February, trump said that false and misleading news to be an obstacle in establishing relations with Moscow

“I just want to tell you that false reporting in the media made by you, guys, — said the President of the United States, addressing the journalists, lying, terrible, unreliable news very difficult negotiations with Russia.”