McCain stood up for criticized trump’s press

A prominent member of the Republican party, former presidential candidate, US Senator John McCain called free press is vital for America Institute, reports Sky News.

He warned the current US President Donald trump that with the attacks on the press, “began the dictator”. According to the Senator, he did not believe that trump has embarked on a path leading to dictatorship. However, McCain said that “we must learn the lessons of history.”

“They [the dictators] began with the suppression of a free press. In other words, to consolidate power. If you look at the history, the destruction of a free press is the first thing that was done by dictators,” said McCain.

The Senator admitted that he personally does not like the press, but without it many of the individual freedoms will be lost.

A day earlier, on Saturday, February 18, speaking to supporters in Florida, Donald trump said he wants to communicate with people directly, “without the filter of fake news”. He repeated his accusations against the “unfair media”, which are part of the corrupt system.