Senator Graham warned France and Germany about intervention of Russia in election

American Republican Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham said that France and Germany could be the next countries in the election process which can interfere with Russia. He said this at the Munich security conference, reports Bloomberg.

“Appeal to our German friends — you’re next. [Say] our friends in France — they’re coming for you. And my friend [Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey] Lavrov [speaking] I hope you will suffer the consequences for what you and your regime are doing to democracy,” Graham said.

He promised that Congress will advance a bill that provides for U.S. sanctions against Russia because Moscow, in Washington’s opinion, interfere with the presidential campaign and influence elections. The American authorities will also examine methods to protect themselves from possible interference from other countries for example Russia.

“2017 will be the year when Russia will get his ass kicked in Congress,” promised Graham.

The Senator, speaking at the conference, also said that mostly Republican Congress will investigate the intervention of Russia, despite the fact that hacker attacks had been committed on the server of the democratic party, according to American authorities. “Because if we don’t do that (will investigate. — ) next time, this can make the Chinese or the Iranians, and attacks can be made against the Republicans,” said Graham.