Telegraph reported about the Russian involvement in the coup attempt in Montenegro

The interlocutor of Telegraph has reported that the coup in Montenegro, organized with the support of Russian citizens, was to be held on 16 October last year. Special services of the USA and UK, which assisted the Montenegrin colleagues have gathered enough evidence that a coup was prepared with the active participation of Russia, said the newspaper. We are talking about the intercepted telephone conversations, electronic correspondence and other records.

Events in Montenegro, as pointed out by the Telegraph last week discussed the Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain, Boris Johnson and Secretary Rex Tillerson during their first meeting.

The newspaper said that the coup could be accused of uncontrolled Russian agents and nationalists. “But it’s hard to imagine that all this has not received approval from the top” – he said.

Currently, the Interpol is looking for two citizens of Russia Edward Shirokov and Vladimir Popov, who allegedly oversaw the organization of the coup. Among other suspected Pro-Russian opposition. One of them, Nemanja Ristic, recently was photographed next to the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov during the latter’s visit to Serbia.

According to British intelligence, the coup was supposed to participate in a mass opposition demonstration before the announcement of elections to the Parliament of Montenegro. In the future, the conspirators had intended to get to the Parliament building, and disguised police participants in the conspiracy to open fire on peaceful crowd in order to blame the government and cause the overthrow of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic.

The purpose of the coup was called the counter-entry of Montenegro into NATO and the admission of Russian ships in the ports of this country on the Adriatic sea.

Montenegrin government after the parliamentary elections, said that prevented a coup attempt by arresting a group of citizens of Serbia. Some Russians, according to the Serbian media, was deported from the country “for participation in the preparation of terrorist acts”.

The Kremlin declared innocence to the events in Montenegro. “Of course, we categorically reject the possibility of official involvement in whatever the attempts of the organization of any illegal actions” — said on 7 November, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. A Russian foreign Ministry back in October called “fiction” information about the deportation of Russians from Serbia.

According to the channel, the Montenegrin opposition were indeed associated with Russia and the Serbian extreme right-wing organizations.