The OSCE announced plans to create 20 security zone in the Donbass

As explained by the Secretary General of the OSCE in the Donbass, plans to open a new zone of breeding the warring parties, increasing the total to 20. In this case, the conflict zone can be about 800 observers.

Zannier pointed out that since the outbreak of violence in early February, the OSCE has been able to achieve at different levels, so the situation has returned to a small number of violations. However, he expressed concerns with the fact that the observers don’t see signs of withdrawal of heavy weapons from the contact line.

The OSCE Secretary General also lamented the fact that “in areas controlled by militia, there are many restrictions of movement for observers.”

With regard to the possible holding of elections in uncontrolled Kiev areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, as Zannier noted, “Ukraine itself has only a vague idea of how to hold them”. There is no clear position on the question about a possible police mission in Donbas. According to him, in this case we are talking about post-conflict stabilization. “We haven’t reached that stage.” he said.