The United States sent aircraft carrier group to the coast of China

As reported by Reuters, a group of ships headed by the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, began patrols in the South China sea after a few weeks of active training in the Pacific ocean.

As noted, the commander of the Admiral James Kilby, the sailors are going to demonstrate their ability in cooperation with allies, partners and friends in the Asia-Pacific region.

Chinese authorities on Wednesday has warned the United States on the inadmissibility of intervention in the Affairs of countries in the South China sea, and on Friday began military maneuvers in the disputed region.

In Beijing insist on their rights to the waters of the South China sea through which pass important trade routes. In addition, China engaged in the construction of artificial Islands, declaring them its territory. Disagree with China and other countries in the region – Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and partially recognized Taiwan. They all claim to oil and gas reserves in the South China sea and part of the sea routes.

11 February in the sky over the sea was recorded in dangerous proximity to the Chinese early warning aircraft and American naval aircraft. The Pentagon accused the Chinese pilot that he deliberately “crossed the nose” American.