British MPs held hearings on the visit of Donald trump to London

In the lower house of the British Parliament on February 20 held a debate on the organization of the state visit to London of U.S. President Donald trump. “Serious concern is the fact that the President behaves like a petulant child — said at the opening of the debate the labour MP Paul Flynn. — The power of the White house is huge, but the intellectual capabilities of the President, unfortunately, as single-celled creatures.”

MPs from the ruling Conservative party, by contrast, defended the right of trump’s official visit to the UK. “The Kremlin will smile, if we follow the call and refuse the invitation, because Moscow wants to divide the West, said the conservative James Cartlidge. — I would invite the official visit of Vladimir Putin, although Russian warheads aimed at us.”

As it usually happens in the case of “General debate”, the meeting of the house of Commons ended without a formal vote.

That before the end of the year it is planned to organize the visit of a tramp in London, January 27, during his visit to USA, Prime Minister Theresa may. The evening of the same day trump has signed the decree for the restriction of migration, which caused a wave of criticism in the United States and abroad. On January 29, the leader of the labour opposition in Britain Jeremy Corbyn said that the visit should be postponed until this decree is in force, or at least until the “long term intentions” of the new US government will not become clear.

According to The Washington Post, the invitation from London really was unusually early, followed on the seventh day after the inauguration of the trump. For comparison, after the inauguration of U.S. President George W. Bush waited for the invitation to the UK about three years, Barack Obama — also about two years.

For the British state visit means a meeting of a foreign leader with full honors, including an audience with the monarch and the ceremonial ride in the Royal carriage. Given the contradictory image of the tramp, about the inadmissibility of such acceptance has been expressed by many politicians and public figures of the country.

In late November, a lawyer from the city of Leeds Graham Gest published on the website of the Parliament a petition against giving the upcoming trip to trump the status of a state visit. At the time of application may and the subsequent decree on the entry into the United States the document 40 signatures, but by 20 February, the number has reached 1.86 million with 100 thousand necessary for consideration in the House of Commons.

According to the text of the appeal, the Guest offers to invite trump to London as head of the American government, but to deny him an official visit, because trump is “documented misogynist and rude”, and a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II “would put Her Majesty in an awkward position.” As explained to the newspaper The Independent the Guestbook, next to the Queen trump will look like a statesman, “which he certainly is not.”

The Parliament discussed on Monday and the opposite of document: petition in support of the official visit of the new President of the USA to the UK. As noted by the organizer, a businessman from Dover, Alan brown, trump is the “leader of the free world”, and Britain should not “gag people with a different point of view.” Three weeks to 20 February, this petition was signed by 312 thousand Britons.

Last week the UK foreign office said: “the Government believes that the US President should be made the maximum respect in the form of a state visit. We are ready to welcome us President trump, as soon as you finish training and decide the date of the visit”.