“Leave the world alone”: key statements Vitaly Churkin at the UN

On the chairmanship of Ukraine in the UN security Council

3 February 2017, a meeting of the UN Security Council

“Opening the meeting, the permanent representative of Ukraine suggested on the results of work on the UN security Council document in the development of the statement adopted by us on January 31. Unfortunately, we have heard today from the delegation of Ukraine absolutely unbridled, offensive statement shows that the Ukrainian delegation here in new York continues to go the path of war. It deserves serious regrets”

About Crimea

3 February 2017, a meeting of the UN Security Council

“In this regard, it is important to remember that the Constitution of the United States has made such remarkable historic words: “We the people”. The people of Crimea quite clearly expressed their will in the referendum.”

About American foreign policy

14 December 2016, a meeting of the UN Security Council on Syria

“Especially strange I thought the speech of the representative of the United States, which built his speech, as if she were mother Teresa. You remember what country you represent! Remember the track record of your country! And then begin to argue from the standpoint of moral superiority. And who what’s to blame, I think the story and the Lord God will understand”

About the situation in Syria

October 26, 2016, the meeting of the UN Security Council on Syria

“If we would preach, we would go to Church. If we wanted to listen to the verses — would go to the theater. From the heads of the Secretariat [of the UN] are waiting for objective analysis of what is happening, you have clearly failed”

About the colonial habits of the UK

October 8, 2016, the UN security Council for a no-fly zone over Aleppo

“Anyway, stop interfering in the Affairs of other sovereign States, leave these colonial habits, leave the world alone. And then the situation will be improved in many regions of the world”

The crash of flight MH-17 in Eastern Ukraine

31, 2015 review on the website of the permanent mission of Russia to the UN

“I believe that the Security Council is not the place to discuss the different versions of the MH-17. Therefore, in the discussions in the UN security Council on this subject we do not claim, and did not deny, but simply insisted on conducting a full, thorough and independent international investigation. Subsequent to the court is or may be created by the appropriate mechanisms, without the involvement of the UN security Council that criminal cases do not have to deal”.

About the Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko

March 6, 2015, meeting of the UN security Council

“Very strange to hear the request for release of Savchenko from the representative of the United States. The American system of jurisprudence and the penal system have never been seen in humanity”

On the situation in Ukraine

19 Mar 2014 an open meeting of the UN Security Council on the situation in Ukraine

“We cannot pretend that Ukraine is not politically motivated killings, massacres and torture. You cannot pretend that there are no kidnappings, attacks on journalists and human rights defenders, imprisonments for political reasons. You cannot pretend that the national-radicals, like the Taliban in Afghanistan, not destroy and not desecrate historical monuments, that there is no chilling incidents with a clearly racist, including anti-Russian and anti-Semitic overtones, which are done on the orders or with the tacit consent of those who seized power in Kiev.”

About Pussy Riot

February 6, 2014, press conference

“I keep waiting for her (Samantha Power) invite girls to speak at the Washington Cathedral. I’m counting on it. Maybe they will arrange a world tour for them: St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome, then maybe in Mecca in Saudi Arabia, and then, finally, a gala concert at the wailing Wall in Jerusalem. If Samantha power, nothing happens, I will be disappointed.”

On the mental health of Mikhail Saakashvili

26 September 2013, the UN General Assembly

“This time it wasn’t even a speech but a set of crazy fabrications bore not just anti-Russian but Russophobic and anti-Orthodox character. Luckily for Georgian people, near the sunset of his political career of a man whose mental state requires professional evaluation”.