Lyashko demanded the surrender of the mandate from the proposed “peace plan,” Deputy

The leader of Radical party Oleg Lyashko said that the MP Andrey Artemenko, who proposed a plan of lifting the sanctions against Russia must give up its mandate, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“What happened, I believe that this discrediting of Ukraine, is to discredit our team. So I think if Artemenko said that he was a new politician who wants to be friends with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin wants to be friends with Russia, put the mandate and come to be friends, wherever you want,” — said Lyashko before the meeting of the conciliatory Council of the Rada.

Lyashko also said that on Monday there will be a meeting on which, in particular, to discuss the issue of exclusion Artemenko from the faction.

Earlier Artemenko, is a member of the faction of the Radical party, in an interview with “Strenia” said the head of the faction of Lyashko “in General terms” in the course of its activity. “In General terms, Yes., but the details we will talk,” — said the Deputy.

About the “peace plan for Ukraine and Russia”, proposed by Artemenko, earlier on Monday, reported The New York Times. The newspaper pointed out that the proposals Artemenko was transferred to the former US presidential Advisor Donald trump on national security, Michael Flynn a week before his resignation. According to the newspaper, the plan Ukrainian Deputy promoted counsel to trump Michael Cohen and business partner of billionaire Felix Sather.

Later he Artemenko confirmed “Strenia” that such a plan exists, and revealed its details. The Deputy said that the first item is the holding of a nationwide referendum on the transfer of Crimea is leased by Russia for 30-50 years, and the second the return of the Donbass in the Ukraine. In addition, the MP proposed to create a Fund for the revival of the region to be filled, in particular, at the expense of, viplachivau Russia for the lease of the Crimea.

“After the execution of this plan, the sanctions against Russia are removed. Its relations with the West are restored”, said Artemenko.

The MP also noted that the above suggestions worked “dozens of deputies from different factions of the ruling coalition and the opposition”.