The media learned about Flynn passed the plan of lifting the sanctions against Russia

According to The New York Times, the week before, Michael Flynn resigned as adviser to the President of Donald trump on national security — this happened on February 14, he presented a proposal, in which the “described method” of lifting the sanctions against Russia.

According to the newspaper, the document, suggesting a “peace plan for Russia and Ukraine,” promoting the legal adviser to trump and his business partner Michael Cohen and Felix Sutter, and Ukrainian MP Andrey Artemenko. The latter acted as the author of the proposal, first brought him to the White house.

The publication writes that the plan envisages “withdrawal of all Russian forces from Eastern Ukraine”. In addition, Ukraine offered to hold a referendum on the question of the transfer of Crimea to Russia in rent for a period of 50 or 100 years.

In the document, the newspaper writes, contains “more than pirates” Artemenko says it has the evidence, “the names of the companies, monetary transfers,” which indicate the corruption of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and can help “to overthrow him.” In addition, plans Artemenko, as he said himself, received the approval “of senior assistants [Russian President Vladimir. —] Putin.”

The initiative Artemenko commented on NYT Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Valeriy Chaly. Artemenko, in his words, “not authorized to submit on behalf of Ukraine, alternative peace plans by any foreign governments, including the American administration.” Speaking about the proposal to give the Crimea to Russia in the lease, Chaly noted that it was “a gross violation of the Constitution.” Such ideas may be offered “only to those who overtly or covertly represent Russian interests”, he said.

This reaction of the Ukrainian side, the NYT stresses, and may explain why the project Artemenko includes the distribution of “dirt” on Poroshenko and his closest associates.

Cohen and Sather said that the proposal, trump discussed. Cohen said that expected from Flynn’s answer, however, he was fired. Now the three of them together with Artemenko, according to the newspaper, I hope that the proposed plan will draw the attention of the new Advisor to trump on national security.