The media learned about the plans of Germany to check the numbers of refugees without their consent

The staff of the Federal Ministry of Germany for migration and refugees may allow you to check the mobile phones of those who come to this country in search of asylum, according to newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung. According to the publication, the document is now under consideration by the Ministry of internal Affairs of Germany.

Official representative of the Ministry refused to comment on the provisions of the instrument. “No detailed information cannot be provided as long as the decision on this draft law is finally adopted,” — said the representative of the Ministry newspaper.

From the document one can, however, get an idea of how it will be organized such verification, the newspaper notes. It is assumed that points of reception of refugees will be equipped with special devices and software that will allow you to read information from approximately 2.4 thousand mobile devices a day.

According to preliminary estimates of the Ministry, this will allow you to identify about 60% or 150 thousand migrants a year, most of which hide their real name for fear of denial of right to asylum or hoping to get more social guarantees, the newspaper notes.

In Germany in 2015, the law according to which mobile phones and laptops foreigners can be checked by the officials of the migration service with the consent of their owners. In other cases, it is possible only in case of suspicion of committing grave crimes and only according to the decision of the court.

According to the Federal office of Germany for migration and refugees, approximately 213 thousand refugees await deportation.

Informed to check the mobile phones of migrants arriving in the country without documents, offered the member of the Bundestag from the Christian democratic Union Wolfgang Bosbach, reported service Bi-bi-si. According to him, this is necessary in order to establish the identity of migrants.

That opportunities to introduce similar measures studies the Ministry of internal security of the United States, previously reported by the Fox News channel. The head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the USA John Kelly during a hearing in the house Committee on national security suggested that the U.S. Embassy can begin to ask for visa applicants from Sudan, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Iraq, Iran and Syria provide the passwords to their social media accounts. According to him, existing measures do not allow to test for migrants “really”, and obtaining access to their social network accounts to learn what they are doing online and what websites are visited.