The references to trump the Russian TV fell four times in two weeks

Trump forget

conducted an analysis of media activity of Donald trump in Russia live with using the monitoring system “Medialogia” and “Telemarker”. Analysed data on nine channels — “First channel” “Russia 1” “Russia 24”, TV Centre, channel 5, NTV, TV, Life and Star. Takes into account data of the Federal TV channels for three Sundays – February 5,12,19, for the full 24 hour broadcast, taking into account possible repetitions. Selection Sunday for the analysis was related to the fact that these channels have the final blocks and analytical programs. This allowed to exclude coverage of current news topics and activities associated with the daily operations of the American President.

As a result, according to “Medialogia”, February 5, the American President was mentioned in the broadcast 141 times (“Telemarker” — 153 times), and most often on the channel Life. For Sunday editions, February 12, both systems showed a decrease in the number of mentions of trump on the air — to 116 messages by “Medialogia” and to 86 posts on “Telemarker”. Broadcast December 19, trump’s name was pronounced even less — 35 (measurement “Telemarker”) and 38 times (“mediology”). That is, the mentioning trump in just two weeks slipped four times.

The first Deputy editorial Director of News Media holding Anatoly Suleymanov said that the channel is not involved in counting the mention of the trump on the air. “But once someone has fixed something like that associated with the fall of the mention of the trump, I am sure that this is due to the fall in the number of interesting news associated with the American President in the first place,” said the source . Representatives VGTRK (“Russia 1” “Russia 24”) and NTV refused to comment. “First channel”, “TV Center”, “Star” the request is not answered.

The turn of rhetoric

Together with a decrease in mentioning trump in the broadcast of public channels was also appearing cautious skepticism in his attitude.

“Trump began to fall back to old position and slide into the rhetoric of the Obama Cabinet, said Irada Zeynalov in the program “the End of the week” on NTV on 20 February. And in some mad rhythm showered statement — the issue of Crimea, Obama is too soft, need to solve the problem with Ukraine, to cooperate against ISIS — but not to intervene in Iran”.

“And it’s not even that we do believe you, comrade Donald. No, let’s be realistic. The only field is the fight against terrorism. Because a fight with each other we are doing is quite hard,” continued the presenter.

With the same promise and the same day, 19 February, was made by Senator Franz Klintsevich. “The only field where, in my opinion, the possible joint actions of our countries — and not just someday, but soon, the fight against radical Islamic terrorism,” the MP said TASS. According to him, a month after the inauguration of the trump didn’t remove old problems in relations between the two countries: the controversy over the Treaty on missiles and medium-range, the theme of anti-Russian sanctions and so on.

Trump and his team started to change their rhetoric against Russia, so Russian Pro-government media should be marked in relation to the new American President, a skeptical and reduce its references, commented political analyst Abbas Gallyamov.

“It is foolish to continue to praise the man who by the mouth of his press Secretary demanded the return of the Crimea. From the outset it was clear that public bet on trump — error, — says the expert. – Yes, he used positive rhetoric against [Russian President Vladimir] Putin to demonstrate to their voters: “See, I’m not like all the American establishment. They criticize Putin, and I praise”. Even then it was obvious that trump will always change the subject of Russia, when she thinks he needs with the establishment to negotiate.”

The problem of an abrupt change in the attitude of the state television by the Trump associated with the low quality of the official examination, said Alexei Malashenko, head of research at the Institute for dialogue of civilizations.

“Pause with the mention of trump linked with the confusion and lack of professionalism, which suffers from an official examination. Official experts have tried to respond to every positive breath [against Russia] is a primitive propaganda, — the expert believes. — I think that “political sex” ended, and then the relationship of power to Trump will depend on its future actions.”

Orders Of The Kremlin

In mid-February, Bloomberg reported, citing three sources about the public media to stop praising trump. The journalists linked this policy with the concerns of the Russian authorities about the fact that the new US administration will treat Russia is worse than previously expected.

About this wrote journalist Konstantin Eggert in a column on the website of the German edition of Deutsche Welle. “A friend working in the holding VGTRK — it includes the TV channel “Russia” — told me the 15th of February we received a instruction manual (which, in turn, apparently was instructed by the Kremlin). Its essence boils down to a short phrase: “trump is no more,” wrote Eggert.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called the reports “ducks”. “Ducks are flying” — he said edition “gazety”.

A Federal official on condition of anonymity, said that high interest television to American politics was caused by the US presidential elections, losing to Hillary Clinton, then the formation of the presidential administration. And when these processes are ended, then went into decline and the interest of the audience for American politics.

Trump is more popular than Putin

That the new U.S. President has headed a rating of the most mentioned person in the Russian press, February 1, reported “Interfax”. According to the system of complex analysis of news (SCAN), trump in January this year received more than 202 thousand references in the materials of various Russian media, political and financial-economic. The President Putin received a total of 147,7 thousand. Over the last few years this is the first case when the top line of the rating is not for Putin, noted the Agency.

Love public channels to Trump previously criticized the ultra-Patriotic movement GCD Deputy from the faction “United Russia” Yevgeny Fyodorov. Activists GCD on 15 February picketed the building of the “Russia today” and criticized for “trampoline” its Director Dmitry Kiselyov. In response Kiselev in the Sunday edition of “Vesti Nedeli” on February 19, criticized the NOD.

“For example, people from the state Duma Deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov like a traveling circus romp through Moscow and here again, this week staged a noisy sluggish a picket against the alleged “trampoline”. The slogan — “Putin — our President”, as if this someone argues. But at the same time, “Kiselyov — trampolin” for someone of the author’s invention. That’s what I call stupidity and information noise,” — said Kiselev.

However, in a recent Sunday edition of “Vesti Nedeli” Dmitry Kiselev separate story about the American President at all.