Austrian court rules to extradite Firtash in the USA

The court of appeal in Vienna on Tuesday, 21 February, noted the previous decision of the Austrian court, resolved to refuse to grant the USA the Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Firtash, reports Reuters. An appeal against this decision was filed by the Prosecutor’s office.

In the end, the court of appeal decided to satisfy the appeal. The court decided that the previous decision to refuse his extradition was politically motivated, the Agency said.

In April 2015, the regional court in Vienna rejected the U.S. Department of justice extradition of Firtash. Then the court ruled that the American side failed to provide sufficient evidence to substantiate their accusations.

The U.S. justice Department accuses Firtash of bribing officials in India to obtain licenses for the extraction of titanium-containing minerals. Firtash denied the crime imputed to him and called his prosecution in the U.S. are politically motivated.