Candidates to the administration trump spoke about the neglect of the White house

Candidates for top posts in the administration of U.S. President Donald trump’s unhappy that the White house is not able to protect them from the “grueling” process of appointment, writes Politico, citing sources familiar with the process

According to them, the White house staff do not return calls to the nominees awaiting confirmation of his candidacy in the Senate, hours do not respond to urgent requests, do not protect candidates against the attacks of the press and not react to the requests of the correspondents of the media on the operational review.

Candidates, according to sources Politico, concerned about the lack of contact with White house chief of staff by the Rains was Pribram, as well as those that can “unearth” their critics, if the hearings of the candidates to the respective committees of the Senate will be delayed for several weeks because of the opposition of the Democrats. These problems are associated not only with candidates of Ministerial level, the newspaper notes.

“Potential ambassadors and judges wonder how the White house is going to handle the approval process? Very few people at this level do not have skeletons in the closet, so you must go through the approval process and obtain formal appointment as soon as possible,” the Politico quoted the words of his companion.

Candidates for various positions, with whom we managed to talk the publication, cite the example of Andrew Pazdera who applied for the post of labour Minister in the Cabinet of trump, but withdrew his candidacy, and not waiting for formal appointment.

Since the announcement of his name as a candidate for the post of Minister of labour, the Democrats criticized Pazdera as for the lack of political experience, and, for example, that his housekeeper a few years worked for him not having a work permit. In addition, during consideration of his candidacy in a press there were publications about family scandals Pazdera in the late 80-ies, with the story that his ex-wife accused him of violence.

Although Pazder helped his housekeeper to go legit, but his ex-wife Pazdera these withdrew their accusations, he was forced to declare that removes his candidacy.

The sides Politico noted that the example of Pazder — “a cautionary tale about what can go wrong if the administration is not paying due attention to the struggle for purpose”.

Earlier, on February 14, from the post of national security adviser of the US President left Michael Flynn. He resigned after the publication in the media from unnamed sources in US intelligence about his conversations with the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergei Kislyak.

In the administration of the President of the United States Donald trump is currently not approved by the Senate, the Ministers of trade, agriculture, energy, housing and internal Affairs. In addition, approved the candidature of the Director of National intelligence (reports directly to the President and heads of all 16 intelligence agencies of the United States) and the United States trade representative (a government Agency responsible for the development of Trade legislation and investment policy of the United States).