Shoigu responded to calls of Britain “not to poke the bear paws” in Libya

The Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu, responding to a question during a student conference at MGIMO, said that the UK should not indicate to Moscow that she should do in Libya, reports “Interfax”. So Shoigu commented on the statement by the head of the British Ministry of defense Michael Fallon that Russia “validate” NATO “flirting” with the government of Libya supported by the member countries of the Alliance. “We do not want to bear popped to their feet”, — quotes the words of Fallon The Times.

“We do not think that their [the British] “zoo” grew the beast that may indicate the bear” — said Shoigu. He explained that thus continues the “animal” theme, launched its British counterpart, and added that “there’s an old proverb: all lions are cats but not all cats are lions. “Let each one understands his own Affairs.” — concluded the Minister.

In Libya there is currently a standoff between the House of representatives in Tobruk, which was formed after a split in the Parliament of Libya in 2014 and left the country’s capital with the support of the army, General of Caliph Haftarot, and the national consensus Government, which remained in Tripoli.

The head of Russian foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov said on 10 February that to resolve the crisis of governance in Libya is possible only with the participation of all political forces in this country, attempts to impose on the Libyans from the outside “counterproductive”, says “Interfax”.

In turn, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on 15 February called upon the members of the UN security Council (Russia is in the UN security Council ) to support the national unity government in Tripoli.

Earlier, the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu said that attempts to build a dialogue with Moscow “from a position of strength” are futile. He commented on the statement by the Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis, who said that the US encourages its diplomats to negotiate with Russia “from a position of strength”.