The media learned about the discussion in the government restriction of cash payments

The economic development Ministry and the Finance Ministry are discussing plans to limit cash payments on large purchases, the newspaper Vedomosti, citing two Federal officials and two involved in the discussion.

On the government level the discussion so far has not been discussed, as have offices there solutions, told “Vedomosti” one of the officials. In particular, there is no consensus regarding the threshold for prohibition to pay in cash.

Among the proposals, in particular, discuss the possibility of limiting the sale of cars, apartments and a luxury item for cash, the newspaper said.

Fees can be imposed not as a tax on cash and in the form of a reduced rate of VAT for card payments, say experts involved in the discussion. According to him, study the international examples of stimulation of non-cash turnover. In particular, India and Azerbaijan, where the tax on cash transactions valid for withdrawing money from the account individuals.

However, one of the officials in an interview with the newspaper considered the imposition of a fee is not the way to fight for whitewashing turnover. “It turns out that you have to pay more if at the point of sale terminal is not working?”, he said. According to another official, the question to return to after dissemination of the national system of payment cards “the World”. However, even in this case, across the country to work the POS terminal infrastructure, the regions should be provided with Internet access, and the cost of payments should decline.

“Vedomosti” failed to get comments from the Ministry of Finance and economic development.

Earlier, in January 2017, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov urged to resume the discussion of the limitation of cash settlements for “whitewashing the economy” and more efficient tax collection. Then he offered to begin to establish a “certain level to buy expensive goods”.

A week after the statements siluanova, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said that such measures “not planned”, because cashless transactions is expected to increase “in a natural way without artificial solutions.”

The idea to limit the payment of larger purchases in cash was announced by the Ministry of Finance in 2012. In 2014, the Department has prepared a bill that obliges citizens to pay for purchases worth more than 600 thousand rubles with credit cards.