The public Prosecutor will announce the partner of Polonsky on the international wanted list


That the Prosecutor General will consider the question of declaring the developer and former partner of the founder of Mirax Group Sergei Polonsky Peter Ivanov on the international wanted list, reported the press service of the Supervisory authority. “The Prosecutor General’s office will take a decision on declaring Ivanov on the international wanted list by Interpol after receiving the relevant materials from the investigating authorities,” — said the press service of the Supervisory authority.

In the mid 2000-ies of Peter Ivanov, who headed a construction company FTSSR, collaborated with Mirax Group Sergei Polonsky, particularly in the infamous project for the construction of the residential complex “Kutuzovskaya mile” in the West of Moscow. “Kutuzovskaya mile”, which is now called “Arc”, still unfinished, and FSCR January 2016 belongs to the ex-wife of CEO of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin Marina — it has become the main shareholder of JSC “MC “Control”, which is a management company FSTR, reported Vedomosti and RIA Novosti.

Now Polonsky is in jail on charges of embezzlement of funds of co-investors “Kutuzovsky mile” and “Rublevsky Riviera”. Polonsky is accused under part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code (fraud committed by an organized group or in especially large size or resulting in the deprivation of the rights of citizens to housing), which provide penalties of up to ten years of imprisonment.

A failed project

Ivanov, in turn, accused of extortion in especially large size (article 163 of the criminal code) from a businessman, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the investment program Foundation Maxim Viktorov. In 2010, as the materials of the criminal case, Ivanov, who was then CEO of FTSSR, and Victoria made a deal. Victoria turned to Ivanov with a proposal to implement a project for the construction of a cultural and educational complex on the Crimean Shaft. Ivanov had to perform the role technical customer. To enter the project for construction of educational center Ivanov offered by purchasing a 50% stake in closed joint-stock company “Art house”. In the end, Ivanov and Victor agreed to buy the first 10% of the company whose value was estimated at $ 690 thousand

The parties agreed to conduct a transaction through the firm Lozano I. C. a contract for the purchase of shares was concluded at the end of December 2010. But, paying money Viktorov, Ivanov did not intend to perform its obligations under the contract to build the facility on the Crimean Shaft, according to the materials of the case investigated by the Investigation Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region.

In particular, Ivanov offered to cancel the agreement to purchase 10% shares of CJSC “Art house”, at the same all summer 2014 insisted the representative Ivanova Anna Dmitrieva, who worked as a businessman. Ivanov and Dmitriev offered to return Viktorov paid for shares of the company “Art house” and to pay compensation of $ 110 thousand If victors do not, Dmitrieva promised to distribute up dirt on him.

13 Aug 2014 Dmitrieva sent the link to representatives Viktorova banned in Russia online and the article “the First violin” fugitive businessmen”, which tells about the work Viktorova businessmen Shalva Chigirinsky, Ahmed Bilalov and former defense Minister of Russia Anatoly Serdyukov. The representative Viktorov asked Dmitriyev to remove the article, in exchange for promising to pay the required “penalty” after 25 August. In response Viktorov, as follows from the materials of the case, asked to get from Ivanov’s “personal assurances” to cease the publication of compromising materials. But on August 19, Dmitrieva sent a new letter, which stated that in connection with the failure Viktorov requirements for termination of a contract for the purchase of shares the amount of the “penalty” increases to $ 410. After another two days Dmitrieva sent the link already on the website where were listed all the same article about Viktoriv.

Possible extradition

In the end Victoria went to the police with a request to Institute against Ivanov criminal case. The applicant’s arguments seemed to the investigators of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Odintsovo district persuasive, the case was qualified under article 30. part 4. article 159 of the RF criminal code (attempted fraud on an especially large), but later the authorities decided that the actions of Ivanov there are signs of extortion in especially large size. To detain Ivanov, the security forces could not, he went abroad. “Whereabouts unknown,” — said the lawyer Anastasia Viktorova, Astashkevich. A source in the Prosecutor General’s office said that , most likely, Ivanov is in the UK.

According to the source in the Prosecutor’s office, documents from the Investigative Committee of Russia about the necessity of ads Ivanov in the international search must come to the Prosecutor General within one month — until mid-March. After the location Ivanova is established, the state office of public Prosecutor can raise the issue of his extradition to Russia.

Contact the lawyers Ivanov failed.

Previously, “Kommersant” reported on a reference to an unnamed defense Ivanov that Victor refused to hand over sold their shares. So noted by a representative of Viktorova, side Ivanov has prepared in 2014, the draft agreement on the return of the transferred money, and the “penalty”, which says the applicant of fraud and extortion, nothing more than a penalty for illegal retention and use of funds.

Odintsovo city court of 26 January last year in absentia arrested Ivanov and 14 February this year, the Moscow regional court considering the complaint of protection the developer has left this decision in force.