“Daughter” VTB will increase the number of offices in 3.5 times in three years

Mail Bank, part of VTB group, in 2017, will employ 7 thousand employees and will double the number of regional offices as part of the expansion of the regional network, told Bloomberg the President — Chairman of the Board of the credit organization Dmitry Rudenko. The Bank operates in contrast to its main competitor — Sberbank, committed to the compression of the network of branches and staff reductions in the framework of the ambitious programme of translation services in the Internet.

Now the network Mail Bank consists of 6 thousand regional offices (including those located in the “Mail of Russia” and the so-called flagship), employing 11 thousand people. According to Rudenko, the end of the year, the Bank plans to double the number of offices and to increase the number of employees to 18 thousand By 2020, the Mail, the Bank expects to increase the number of offices located in the “Mail of Russia” until approximately 21 million (all in Russia 42 thousand offices of “Mail of Russia”).

For comparison, savings in 2016 shut down 1.3 million of offices banking services, reducing its network to 15.1 thousand Now it employs more than 260 thousand people. By 2025, the Bank plans to reduce staff by half, and in particular to the end of 2017 — 8%.

Rudenko, commenting on this divergence in strategies, explained that it was agreed that the future of high technology, but did not think that it is limited to them. “The development of high technologies will not completely displace the physical presence. They will complement each other,” he said.

According to the head of the Post Bank, by expanding the branch network of the credit institution expects to increase the portfolio of deposits and to take a leading position among savings banks. “Mass segment is often overlooked, but we believe that he has high potential and so we focus on working with the regions. Let the contributions be small, but a lot of them”, he explained to Bloomberg.

According to “Interfax-CEA”, at the end of 2016, the portfolio of deposits of physical persons Mail Bank amounted to about 26 billion rubles — almost 40 times more than in 2015. Less than a year, the Bank has moved from 282 on 52-e a place on volume of attracted funds of the population. For comparison, the portfolio of Sberbank, ranked first, has increased over the year by 6.6%.

According to the Bank of Russia, at the end of January on accounts of physical persons in the Russian banks had about 24 trillion, 47.5% (11.4 trillion roubles) Sberbank.

By the end of 2017, the Mail, the Bank expects to increase the portfolio of retail deposits by almost six — fold to 150 billion rubles, and by 2023 to bring it up to 1.6 trillion rubles.

The trend towards staff reductions and reduced physical presence is observed among the other banks, which thereby hope to reduce operating costs. According to sources, “Kommersant”, VEB by the fall of 2017 plans to reduce more than 30% of the staff, and the reduction was carried out in 2016. The largest in Tatarstan Bank “AK bars” plans to reduce the number of branches tripled.