Moscow canceled bonuses to doctors for a scientific degree and honorary title

Moscow authorities have canceled a mandatory raise in salary, which physicians receive for the academic degree, or honorary title. As reported by RNS, it follows from the order of the Moscow Department of health from December 26, 2016 No. 1033. It says that the size of bonuses are now set independently by the medical establishment.

Previously, the orders stated that “increasing the minimum salary” of doctors determines the Department. The fee for the honorary title was 30% of the salary for a PhD — 20%, PhD — 10%. In the new order, these standards are not already prescribed.

The minimum salaries of medical workers are still being laid by the authorities. Now they increased about two times: for physicians and pharmacists of the first level, from 8.5 to 17.6 thousand thousand RUB, to average medical staff — from 10.5 thousand to 20 thousand roubles, for doctors and pharmacists — from 18.6 thousand to 30 thousand roubles, for heads of departments — from 22,1 thousand to 40 thousand.

Director of research Institute of health organization under the Department of healthcare of Moscow, David Melik-Guseinov claims that academic degrees and honorary status “is reflected on the payroll just formally” and led to “bogus bonuses”. “Moscow is interested in the efficient specialists. To do this, the system of incentive payments that is tied to the quality of the work of specialist,” he said.

Fictitious allowances for seniority and academic degrees confirmed Moscow doctor-Olga Demicheva. “For example, if we take a budding doctor and candidate of medical Sciences with experience of 20 years, the additional cost of the second category, the degree and the experience will not exceed 10 thousand rubles.”, — she explained in a conversation with . The most important are incentive payments for quality and efficiency, said Demicheva. They appoint the management of health facilities. “But they are often in fact reflect the attitude of the physician management companies, and not the quality of his work,” said the doctor.

In addition to the abolition of compulsory payments for degrees and titles, the Department has reduced bonuses to doctors for specialization. Doctors treating HIV-infected people and AIDS patients will get 60% and 30% of the basic salary. Supplement for psychiatrists and narcologists and doctors working with paralyzed patients, reduced from 25 to 15%. Charges for the treatment of tuberculosis, cancer patients and children with Central nervous system — from 15% to 10%. The new order also says nothing about the fee for working in STI clinics (previously it was at least 15% of the salary).

The main bonuses for doctors should be incentive payments for qualification category, noted head of the Department of economic work and remuneration of the health workers Union Tamara Goncharova. What category is an indicator of the quality of the specialist’s work, she said.

According to the may decrees of the President in 2018 the average salary of doctors, teachers and other social workers shall be 200% of the average wage in the region.