Moscow refused to part subsidies from the Federal budget

Moscow authorities refused to receive a significant part of the subsidies previously pledged to the capital in the Federal budget for 2017. This was during a government meeting said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, reports .

According to the head of the Ministry of Finance, the capital city has taken this step because she has her “big” resources.

“From the number of grants the subject of the Russian Federation simply refused, having in mind that it has its own large resources, and the desire to get out of the Federal budget funds and to adopt additional terms was not” — said Siluanov.

Released as a result of Moscow’s refusal of the funds will be allocated to the reserve Fund of the government. According to the head of the government Dmitry Medvedev, in the future, the Fund can be used to support other regions of the country based on “individual decisions”.

In total, the budget in 2017 on the provision of subsidies to the regions laid 416 billion rubles, which, according to Medvedev, will be spent on addressing critical social, industry and infrastructure tasks.

“This is a new school, new roads, support of the village, support industry, a number of other very important areas,” — said the Prime Minister.

He stressed that the receipt of money in the region need to 1 March 2017 to make about 3 thousand agreements, of which the heads of regions and Federal agencies signed as 90-95%.

“There was literally less than a week to get it all done. I draw this to the attention of all the heads of the Federal bodies of Executive power, which has these agreements have not been concluded. Then we will consider the question in a different way”, — concluded Medvedev.