Shoigu told about the Russian army information operations

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu during a speech at the meeting of the state Duma, responding to a question about the need to recreate the control, which was engaged in counter-propaganda, reported that in Russia created the troops information operations, reports .

“During this time created the troops information operations that much more efficient and stronger than [existed in the Soviet time], which was called counter-propaganda”, he said. Details, he did not.

The first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on security and defense Franz Klintsevich said that the forces for information operations was created in Russia “recently” and that information about them is closed. “There are experts who expose [foreign] sabotage in electronic, paper and television media,” he said. According to the Senator, the second aim of the unit is a reflection of hacker attacks.

A source in the state Duma explained that we are really talking about “structural unit in the Ministry of defence, which is a reflection of hacker attacks”. “It also engaged in counter-propaganda both inside the country and abroad, and on the Internet and in the media.” However, he expressed surprise that Shoigu reported this as “information is confidential”.

In March 2012, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin stated the need in the Russian army cyber command. In 2013, that the Armed forces will have such a command, according to a source “Interfax”. Officially, however, this information was not confirmed.

First Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on defense Alexander Sherin in January of this year stated that cyberarmies in Russia. About it told the head of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Viktor Ozerov. There is no information about cybermouse and the Ministry of communications, said Deputy Minister of communications and mass communications of Russia Alexei Volin.

As wrote “Kommersant” in January 2017, Russia’s level of development cyberarmies can be in the top 5 countries in the world after the USA, China, UK and South Korea. According to analysts of the company Zecurion Analytics, which referred to the newspaper, the Russian kibervoyska can count approximately 1 million people and their annual funding could reach about $300 million.

In 2016 and 2017 Russia has repeatedly been accused of cyber attacks. In October 2016, Russia of cyber attacks on the servers of the Democratic party accused the United States. The Obama administration has stated that tampering with the mail leadership of the party could be sanctioned by Moscow to influence the outcome of the US presidential elections. Russia, these accusations are categorically rejected. In addition, an “aggressive cyber espionage” on the part of Russia also reported the German intelligence service. In late January, the Czech foreign Ministry said on cyber attacks similar to the hacking of the servers of the democratic party of the United States.

On 13 February, the Secretary-General of the French party “Forward!” Richard Ferrand accused Russia of trying to interfere in elections in France. This, he explained that the candidate for the French presidency Emmanuel macron became a target of Russian media and cyber attacks from Russia. According to him, Moscow is sympathetic to the policy of the candidate from “National front” marine Le Pen and the Republican candidate, fran├žois Fillon. In the Kremlin these charges are called absurd.