The lawyer filed to the investigative Committee a statement on the attempted murder of Kara-Murza

Lawyer Vadim Prokhorov filed to the Investigative Committee of Russia statement on the attempted murder of the journalist, the Federal coordinator of the movement “Open Russia” Vladimir Kara-Murza Jr., reports “RIA Novosti”.

“We demand to inspect the circumstances of the case and to initiate proceedings under article 105 of the via 30, that is attempted murder,” said Prokhorov.

The photo copies of the statement on behalf of his client Prokhorov also posted on his page in Facebook.

Vladimir Kara-Murza Jr., was admitted to hospital on 2 February. In the early days he was in a coma, doctors reported that as a result of exposure to an unknown substance, the patient develops multiple organ failure. The state of Kara-Murza has improved February 6, on February 19 he was released from the hospital, after which he departed for rehabilitation abroad.

The statement with the request to Institute criminal proceedings stated that doctors diagnosed Kara-Murza Jr., a diagnosis of “toxic effect of unspecified substance”. Separately in the document it is emphasized that a similar statement with a request to initiate the case because the first attempt to poison Kara-Murza was filed in the TFR at the end of may 2015, but the decision whether to bring about this criminal case, then was taken. Kara-Murza notes that while he was Deputy Chairman of the movement “Open Russia”, Chairman of the Board of the “Foundation Boris Nemtsov for freedom”, and actively contributed to the adoption of the Magnitsky act, linking the attempted poisoning of his political activities.

“The seriousness of the effects of poisoning shows that with high probability we can assume premeditated poisoning of some poison or poisons, whose identification is difficult”, — the document says.

In may 2015 Kara-Murza also appeared in reanimation. Doctors diagnosed him with “acute renal failure”. Shortly after admission he stated that he has no doubt that it is the result of intentional poisoning. Then after discharge from the hospital, he also went to rehab in the US, and after his return stated that he is not ready to defend a version of the poisoning, since it took too long to determine what substance caused intoxication impossible.

In January of 2016 Kara-Murza received the results of the examination, which was conducted by French experts. In his analysis significantly exceeded the maximum allowable concentration of four heavy metals: manganese — 59.5% (in hair samples were detected 33,9 nanograms per milligram), copper — by 1.8 times (112 nanograms per milligram) zinc — 2.25% (473 nanograms per milligram), mercury — in 1,2 times (2,01 nanograms per milligram). In addition, his body was found 19 times less than the minimum permissible level of iron (or 0.68 nanograms per milligram).