The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine called on the UN security Council to reforms due to Russia’s veto

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin urged to reform the UN Security Council because of the potential of Russia as a permanent member of the organization, to impose a veto. He said this at a meeting of the UN security Council on issues of unresolved conflicts in Europe, UNIAN reports.

“The security Council must be able to respond effectively to “bloody conflict”, despite the possible presence of the parties to the conflict at this table as a permanent member of the UN security Council,” — said Klimkin.

He also pointed to paragraph 3 of article 27 of the UN Charter, which States that “the party which is involved in the dispute must abstain from voting when making decisions.” The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine urged to follow these agreements, so as not to cause controversy.

In his opinion, Russia “resorted to the violation of the documents that have been developed as cornerstones in the world — the UN Charter, Helsinki Declaration and the Charter of Paris” (here and further quotation on “Radio Liberty”). Klimkin also said that Moscow aims at undermining the “European and transatlantic unity” which is “an essential element in global security”.

“And one of these institutional weaknesses, which she [Russia] abuses, the right of veto in the UN security Council and the consensus rule in the OSCE,” — said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine.